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Motivation Monday

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Inspiring People, Music, Quotes, S&S Workouts
Funny, Doug and I were just talking about doing 1-hand pushups.

Funny, Doug and I were just talking about doing 1-hand pushups.

Inspirational Women of All Ages and Professions
Hate running? You don’t have to run to get a runner’s body! Check out what these 20 women do to stay in great shape.

Blast from the Past
*I’ve been having a 90s music attack!
“The Sign” by Ace of Base
“Sweet Dreams” by La Bouche
“Whoomp! (There It Is)” by Tag Team

At-Home, Shoeless Workout to Try:
Love this magazine—I’m pumped to try this myself!

“I have found victory to be difficult when my focus is on my fear(s). Being afraid to lose, afraid to look bad or afraid to get hurt are usually the biggest obstacles standing in our way. Seeing failure for what it is (a critical part of the achievement cycle) will drastically reduce the crippling effects of fear. When fear is gone the vacuum created opens up the one key ingredient needed for achievement—a chance. Celebrate the fact that you at least have a chance and failure will cease to be such a big deal.” – from MMA & Fitness Motivation


From left to right: me, Megan, and Mark…. The roomies, minus Erik (Erik, where were you!?)

One year ago I lost a friend. At several points during our relationship, he and I were more than friends. But he was always my soccer teammate. He became a dang-good goalie. He was crazy-obsessed with cats and musicals. He loved making us (me and our two other roommates) family dinner that consisted of white chicken chili with beer and/or sloppy joes on regular bread. He and I duked it out many-a-nights on the N64 playing Mortal Kombat. He always giggled when he watched Ninja Warrior. And he believed very much in God.

One year ago I posted about how tragedy can motivate you to live healthier and stronger. One year later, I have a job (well, several) that I love; I have fallen in love with the most wonderful man; I have come to realize how much money doesn’t matter when you’re truly happy (soul and all); and I continue to learn every day how important family, a few close friends, and God are to keeping you positive, sane, and walking forward day in and day out.

I exercise and eat healthy because it makes me stronger—emotionally, physically, and mentally. It makes me happier. It makes my brain healthier. I find it fun. It makes me less angry. It makes me more motivated in other areas of my life. It makes me more confident, which makes me a better, more focused person. Exercise does so much more for me than keep me slim (which is partially genetic—thanks, Mom and Dad!). It keeps me from going to those dark places…. The ones where I’m scared about money; scared about making a difference; scared if it’s all worth it; scared if I’m worth it; scared about something happening to someone I love; scared and angry about the state our country and world is in; angry that things aren’t going like I hoped; angry that I can’t do everything I want to do every day…. Exercise keeps me going because no matter what, I control it. And having a little control over part of your day is a good thing.

I can’t have it all and I never will be able to, but I can’t rely on exercise to get me through the painful, sad, happy, excited, and depressing moments that I can’t do anything about. And I remember that even though I can’t have my niece and nephew and friend back right now, I can take care of myself and encourage others to do the same so we all stick around as long as possible for those we love.

Not gonna lie, when I’m tired and sore and teaching a class, I think similar things…. It helps!

After a busy weekend with family, my boyfriend Doug and I are gearing up for a much-needed vacation with his fam. But, of course, we both have a few long work days (I’ve got four 16-18hr days!) before we hit the road due north. So, we collaborated on this one — here’s what’s getting both of us through the next four days!

Lift, Spin, and Sprint Tunes
“Hit the Floor” by Linkin Park
“Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo
“Bleed It Out” by Linkin Park (*Warning: Obscenities)
“Beautiful Monster” by Mick Lion (I’m so on-the-go this week and already stressin’ that I decided instead of crazy, I’m just going to be a monster and do it all. A beautiful monster 😀 )

Quotes to Push You On, Up, and Through
“Just when you think you are down to nothing, God is up to something!” –Tony Gonzalas

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” –Confucius

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.” –Victoria Holt

There’s an Article for That!
Emotional eating. Doug and I both do it on occasion—especially when we’re stressed and have to spend time apart thanks to our jobs. And because we’re tired. Neither of us gets enough sleep.

People Who Motivate Us
As corny as it sounds, Doug and I motivate each other. We both know that we will feel better after a good workout, so we encourage each other. And honestly, we enjoy 1) competing with each other a little (who can do more squat jacks in a minute!? *cough* me *cough*), 2) we like to look nice for each other, so that’s motivating, and 3) we enjoy showing off a little when the other is watching, which, in turn, pushes us. Who motivates you!? Your best friend? That dude you always stare at in the gym? Your husband or wife? Or does staying strong and healthy to be able to take care of your parents motivate you?

Workout Move of the Week
*Plank with side toe touches*
Start in plank—straight-arm or forearm—with your feet together. For a set amount of time or a certain number of reps, slowly alternate touching your toes side to side while keeping your core tight.

Push yourself.

Happy Monday! It’s going to be a busy week — I’m moving this Friday! Woo! Not really. I hate moving. But, tis what tis, so that means I’m cleaning out my fridge (a good excuse to have to eat as much of the good-stuff-that-will-go-bad-quickly!), packing my life, and still working a lot in the process. I know I can tackle a busy week (of clients, work, teaching, freelance, Doug’s birthday, packing, cleaning, etc.) and still eat healthy and work out hard, so I know you can, too! NO EXCUSES!

Pump the Jam
“Girls” by Beastie Boys (RIP Adam Yauch)
“I Like to Move It” by Jock Jams
“Boom Boom Boom” by Jock Jams

Resuscitate Me
“You have one life—this one right now—you must live it, own it, and especially don’t let other people’s opinions distract you from your path.” –

“The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business—or almost anywhere else for that matter.” –Lee Iacocca

“Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.” –Anonymous

Watch and Believe
Never, Ever Give Up — This is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard!

Tasting the Rainbow
Wonder why everyone (gym people, trainers, doctors, etc.) always talks about eating a colorful diet? Now you know.

Kelsey’s Lower Body Reps Challenge
*Here’s a little workout I created for you—do one round through (320 reps total) as fast as you can and let me know your time!
*Things to remember: for squats, your feet are wider than shoulder-width, toes turned out. For lunges, your chest is straight and proud, abs in, knees at 90-degree angles. For the leg pulses, stand up straight and tall, hands above head, pull in the belly, don’t hinge, and keep the knee of the standing leg soft.

  • 25 squats
  • 25 squat bounces (hands together in front of your body, bouncing up off your toes—you don’t need to bounce high!)
  • 25 squat jumps (hands reach down to the floor, then up toward the ceiling)
  • 25 squat jacks
  • 30 alternating front lunges
  • 20 alternating curtsy squats
  • 30 jumping lunges (each leg forward is 1 rep)
  • 20 (1o per leg) propulsion lunges(see 3:10 in the video; if this is too hard, see 2:57 for the modification!)
  • 20 of each: right leg backward pulses, right leg side pulses, right knee front pulses, left leg backward pulses, left leg side pulses, and left knee front pulses

Now you have NO EXCUSES about time or getting to the gym because this won’t take long and you don’t need any equipment.

Motivation Monday

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Articles, Inspiring People, Music, Quotes

Ha! Sadly, I think like this. I don’t always mean to, it just happens…

It’s one of those weeks where motivation is going to be essential for me. The weather is all crazy (from snow to sleet to sun to ice) and I’m driving during weird hours of the day; I’m teaching a ton of classes so I have to plan multiple playlists and exercises, but, of course, there’s always the chance that classes will be canceled due to lack of participation; I have exercises to plan for one-on-one meetings with clients; I have new workout plans to create for clients; I have DVDs to review, articles to read, exercises to practice, and books to read for this blog and for my business/personal gains; I need to exercise for myself here and there just to get away from all of the performing and coaching I do to give myself a release; I’ve been eating a lot and not being very conscious of fueling myself as opposed to simply replacing lost calories and I’m starting to feel the lack of attention to that healthy detail; and there are some personal things going on with my family, namely, a family friend who is passing away, which means that not only are things a little emotional, but I may have to up-and-leave to drive an hour away if there’s a funeral to attend.

What’s helping me this week:

SHAPE, Fitness, Runner’s World,
and Women’s Health magazines. I’m not a huge fan of reading this stuff online, so I get all four delivered to my apartment and truly enjoy spending time walking on an incline on the treadmill and poring over the tips, tricks, stories, and workout ideas. And the beauty of all of these is that each website/magazine does have daily or weekly newsletters that you can sign up for on specific topics, so you receive reminders, ideas, tips, and motivation right to your email inbox.

An article about the Elements of Health: Inspiration, Motivation, Purpose, and Commitment.

Erin Stern. She’s a fitness model, trainer, and pretty impressive chica. Read about how she got into fitness modeling and what it takes.

Sarah Laurie. She’s a real woman who made real changes, worked really hard, and has reaped real health and physical benefits.

Meditating Over
“You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” – 1 Corinthians 6:20

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” –Frank A. Clark

“Don’t let negative experiences cast shadows over your future. Bright future, bright outlook. Put your best YOU forward.” –Chalene Johnson

Listening To
BodyPump 81 – find a gym near you that has the class and take it! It’s a good one with approximately 800 repetitions total in 55 minutes!

“The Logical Song” by Scooter (oh Scooter… how his crazy jams get me through tough workouts!)

“This is Gonna Hurt” by Sixx: A.M.

“Bailando Por Ahi” by Juan Magan

Which type are you? Which type do you WANT to be? What are you going to do to get there?

What did you do to challenge yourself today? Eat a new fruit or veggie? Incorporate more into your meals via new methods? Work out harder or longer? Make it to the gym despite being tired? All I ask is that at the end of the day, you should be able to say that you respected your mind and body by treating it well. If that meant sleeping an hour more, then awesome. Working out for an hour, wonderful. Eating cleaner, better yet.

Now, for some tidbits for your day.

READ: 20 Reasons to Start Strength Training. Especially tune in to numbers 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, and 15.

WATCH: Do TV and movie stars really work out hard or are they just serial dieters who put in a few hours a week on the elliptical? Honestly, a lot of them do really work out hardcore. Take LL Cool J, for example. Random, I know, but I have his workout book (which I plan to review sometime soon) is one of those super-ripped stars who you wonder what in the world his workout routine is like. No? Okay, maybe just my boyfriend Doug and I wonder then. I found this video of LL working out with DJ Envy and needless to say, LL has proved his hardcoreness, and Doug and I have been plotting on how to work some of those into our routines. Experiment day, woo!

TRY: This workout by Blogilates. It’s pretty awesome and all you need is 2 sets of dumbbells (3lbs. and 5lbs. are great) required. No gym necessary.

Makes moves. Today.

How are your goals/resolutions going so far? Are you sticking to them? What’s working? What’s not? Do you need an extra push? From who or what? What kind of motivation do you need?

My Go-To Healthy Treat
I made this bark this weekend for my boyfriend’s family and holy wow, it was/is amazing. I had some leftover for myself and I could sit and eat it all.

Almond-Cherry-Dark-Mint-Chocolate Bark (yeah, that’s right!)

-Whole or chopped plain almonds
-Dried cherries
-A bag of dark chocolate and mint chocolate chips
-Vanilla extract

Directions: Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl in a microwave, stirring every 20-30 seconds so it doesn’t burn. Chop the almonds (or don’t, you can keep them whole if you want) and the cherries (if you want), by hand or in a little chopping machine (Cuisinart rocks!) until rough. Mix the chopped almonds and cherries into the melted chocolate and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. The chocolate will start to lump a bit so quickly move it to a cookie sheet and spread it as thin as you can. Put the pan in the fridge for at least an hour before breaking it into pieces.

Seriously, it’s amazing. A-mazing.

Read, Peruse, Learn, Be Inspired
Go Tami Go! This blogger is all about workouts, experiments, recipes, and is basically a one-woman inspirational machine.

Delicious 100-calorie snacks.

5 tricks that add up to some major calorie burn… And weight loss.

Easy ways to add more fruits and veggies into your diet.

You’re Sexy and I Know It—Just Work Out Like This at Home
The women may wear awkwardly provocative clothing, but the workouts are crazy good over at BodyRock. Now, not having a gym membership is no excuse! Boom.

Have the Will to Fight for Your Healthy Life!
“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” –Michael Jordan

“A long, healthy life and taking care of yourself should be your new marker for wealth.” –

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” –Mahatma Ghandi

Lift, Spin, Run, Repeat—Grooves for All Your Moves
We Stand Together by Nickleback
Pressing On by Relient K
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett