Pain and Struggles

Posted: December 15, 2012 in S&S Tips&Tricks
One of my professors in college said something like this once and I try very hard to remind myself every time I meet someone new.

One of my professors in college said something like this once and I try very hard to remind myself every time I meet someone new.

I’m not sure what happened this week, but it slipped away. And today…. Today feels off. You ever been there? Your body aches, your mind feels all discombobulated, and you’re not sure what to say, when.

And when it rains, it pours. And it’s often at inconvenient times.

I’m not here to pour out my soul about what’s “wrong” in my life, or my views on what’s happening in the world (although my heart and mind genuinely do hurt because of what’s happened in Connecticut), or to gain sympathy, or vent about anything. I’m just saying that life as an adult is hard. It’s hard to hold everything together at all times and it’s hard to make it all work with a happy ending.

But these are the times that you need to focus on keeping two things consistent: your eating habits and exercise habits.

No matter what happens or when it happens or how it happens, you may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it. Pain happens to everyone, in all sizes, shapes, forms, and attacks on the heart.

Which leads me to emotional eating. It’s real. When things go bad, I have a tendency to eat. When things go well, I have a tendency to celebrate by eating. Sound familiar? You do that, too?

What can you do? How do you break that? Find your new “out.” Take a walk, call a friend and walk around the house, go to the gym, write about it in a journal, have a go-to buddy that you can call in times of struggle.

This holiday season, through the deaths, the stress, the darkness, the happiness, the excitement, the frustrations, remember what and who you’re alive for. Remember that what you put into your mouth is going to determine how your life goes. That may sound super-harsh, but it’s true. Over time, how and what you eat will either keep you healthy and strong, or will kill you slowly. The same goes for exercise. The more you sit and don’t use your muscles, the more they will hurt and refuse to perform daily activities down the road.

Be thankful for what and who you have. Respect them and their love for you by respecting yourself. Working out and choosing not to eat something full of fat isn’t rude or selfish, it is often healthier for your mind and body. Love. And say it, too. Every time you can. To everyone you love. Have faith, don’t give up on hope, and pray. Even if it’s just to say thank you for being able to pray. And don’t, please, please don’t judge someone on how they act on one occasion. We all struggle. Sometimes you have to fake it ‘til you make it, and sometimes you just need a little extra kindness and a few more hugs.

Take care of you this weekend. Mind, body, and soul.

  1. Lauren says:

    Couldn’t have said it better! That was me last month a huge fake it till you make it! But now with the gym and great people I have really started to realize who I am and where I am going!

    • Thanks, Lauren! It’s amazing how faking it can help…. But only to an extent. That’s where the love part comes in. I’m learning to be okay with asking for a little more love and I pray you’re doing the same. Thanks for reading 🙂

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