Interview with ViewSPORT – Home of Sweat-Activated Fitness Apparel

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Interviews, Product Reviews

I was, indeed, born to burpee 😀

Interview with ViewSPORT – Home of Sweat-Activated Fitness Apparel

*Enter the code “viewsport” to save 15% on most of their gear. The code “freeshipping” eliminates your shipping cost when you buy two or more shirts/tanks!*

Strength & Sweat: I’m here with Ben Wood, ViewSPORT CEO and Head Coach of ViewSPORT fitness apparel. Welcome! Thanks so much for contacting me about your company. Tell me a little about your company, Chris—how and why it came to be.

BEN WOOD: It’s a great story. I was actually a medical student a few years back and I was exercising one day and thought, “how cool would it be to be able to control your sweat patterns?”  I was able to come up with a way to do that and thus – ViewSPORT was created. We create fitness apparel that motivates athletes to sweat more and perform at their absolute best.

S&S: The technology for this is crazy-cool. How in the heck was it discovered!?

BW: I discovered it while in med-school. It took a ton of work and it’s taken even more work to learn what textiles and colors it works best on – but we’ve developed it at a place that we’re able to give every customer a great sweat-activated experience.

S&S: So who would you say is your target audience? I see references to WODs (Workout of the Day) on the shirts, which is a CrossFit term.

BW: We’ve had great success in the CrossFit and running markets but we’re focused on anyone and everyone who wants to live a healthy, active life. We believe ViewSPORT is more than a fitness apparel company – it’s a motivation company. We’ll do whatever we can to help people take control of their lives, beat obesity, live fit and be awesome.

S&S: Any recommendations for making the shirt work to its full potential?

BW: Like I said, we’ve worked hard to make sure the technology always performs. It’s up to everyone who buys one to sweat, work hard and give everything they have to maximize the experience. We’re here to help them with motivation if they need it!

S&S: Any goals you guys are striving to achieve in the next year or two?

BW: We want to motivate everyone and anyone to live a healthy active life. We believe people and fitness are awesome – and when you combine the two, incredible things happen. We want to grow and be a company that motivates millions across the world to be their best.

*S&S REVIEW: I wore the burpee tank top while I sweated through a few intense Spinning classes, but it didn’t activate well. Don’t worry, ViewSPORT wear isn’t a hoax, I just had bad luck for two reasons: 1) the sweat activation technology was on the low back of the shirt and I don’t sweat much there, which brings us to point 2) I didn’t sweat enough. ViewSPORT is awesome and sending me another shirt with front activation technology (where I sweat a heck of a lot more!), so I’ll be trying that one next!*


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