Pinterest Workout Review: 1000-Rep Workout

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Online WO Reviews

Pinned it. Tried it. Loved it. Thank you, Pinterest!

1000-Rep Workout

All you need is a pair of weights, but honestly, even those are optional. I’ve done this workout a few times since finding it and I still love it. The first time I did it in my bikini in front of the TV. The second time I used it for a 30-minute morning class I teach. Then I did it as fast as I could. Then I modified and extended it and used it for a 60-minute class I taught. And now I plan to use it for clients, more classes, and as a quick, not-super-sweaty-but-still-tough workout for myself.

How long did it take?: I timed it at 21 minutes—and that was me going quickly.
Was it tough?: Yeah, but not in an impossible- or sweating-and-out-of-breath-too-much way. Fifty reps of anything gets tiring after a while…. And doing 100 pushups makes you tired.
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Yeah, I did. It worked pretty much everything—chest, back, shoulders, abs, cardio. Just not a ton of bis or tris, but I guess pushups kinda hit those areas, too.
Why I liked it: You didn’t need much—equipment, space, time—but it still worked you out well. And doing high reps is a fun, different challenge.
Do I recommend it?: I would. It’s great for most levels because it’s all about going at your own pace and it’s not super cardio-jumpy. If need be, you can modify it by decreasing—or increasing!—reps and/or changing out some moves for others while still keeping the main basis of the workout the same. Score one for a Pinterest workout!


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