Review of: Amanda Russell’s 14-Day Shape-Up Plan

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Online WO Reviews, Product Reviews

Great plan from a great lady.

Amanda Russell’s 14-Day Shape-Up Plan

*Disclaimer: Before I begin reviewing this plan, I would like to mention several things. 1) I am a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and freelancer. My fitness/activity level is much higher and greater than the average working adult’s thanks to my jobs. On average, I work out for 2-4 hours/day, and that was without including Amanda’s workouts. 2) I did not complete every single workout to its fullest since I do exercise so much. Often I did one or two rounds in order to get a good idea of how each workout was.

What It’s All About: Amanda Russell presents a 14-day fitness and nutrition plan that’s intense, but it’s her version of healthy detox (and mine, too!). This is not an every-day-of-the-month plan; this is an I-need-to-shape-up-for-an-event plan, a jump-start-to-a-healthier-you plan, a get-back-on-the-right-path plan, and a learn-how-to-fuel-your-body plan. Amanda’s mantra is “When you want something you will do whatever it takes, when you don’t, you will always find an excuse. Decide how much you want this… and do what it takes.” I like that because I happen to agree with her. YOU and only you are in charge of how you live your life. YOU and only you can make the decision and take the necessary steps to change your life. The plan packet itself is 30 pages of awesome info. Amanda provides you with some basic intro info, a list of foods to avoid and list of foods to enjoy, meal recipes, meal guidelines, and, of course, the 14 days’ worth of meals and exercises.

The Workouts: All of the workouts are free and there are even videos and written directions for you to follow online! How? Because of the workouts are always free—they’re already on her website and anyone and everyone can do the workouts.

All you do is click on the workout, skim the written details, watch the video, and you’re ready to go! Intensity-wise the workouts varied, but one thing was consistent—the amount of time needed. Each workout was only about 30 minutes total! So no more complaining about time-consuming workouts! As for my favorite workout…. Hmmm…. That’s tough…. I really liked the “6 Minute Abs of Steel,” “Super Calorie Burn,” “Jump Rope,” “New Year, New Body,” “Killer Sculpted Arms,” “One Minute Intervals,” and “Big Burn” workouts. Yes, I liked a lot of them. And yes, I used a mix of a bunch of them in the total body classes I teach!

The Food: It’s uncomplicated, it’s fresh, it’s real, and it’s pretty basic. There are a lot of eggs, a lot of veggies, and a lot of salads. There isn’t much variation in the meals, but if you’re trying to detox your body, eating fresh, real foods is the way to go. The good news is that you don’t have to forgo all fruits or meats, and you even get to have some Greek yogurt!

What I Liked: It was all spelled out for you and ya know what—there were no calorie counts and I gotta say, I loved that. Good, healthy calories are necessary for total body function and fueling yourself the right way is the only way to achieve a total body healthy detox. Nothing was too complicated or time-consuming either. The recipes were all pretty simple, but good, and I will definitely continue to make some of them! Like the Feel Good Protein Pancakes. Holy yum. Doug and I eat these at least once a week now.  I like how she suggests two rest days, but also says that if you want to take a walk, that’s cool, just make it a chill one. This is what I do. I never take a day off. But I choose one or two days to just walk. I walk with my mom, I walk with Doug, or I’ll walk on the treadmill and read a book or magazine. It’s a nice way to recover while still being active. I also LOVED how all of the workouts were short and intense. Changing your body isn’t about time, it’s about intensity. Amanda proves that you can get a great workout with simple, mostly-bodyweight moves in just a half-hour. Oh, and the fact that this is only two weeks is a HUGE plus! I could never do a 90-day eating plan : /

What I Didn’t Like: The lack of variety in the meals and the lack of some fruits. But, like I said above, when you’re doing a healthy detox for your body, you have to stick to the real, fresh basics. And I get that. I just love fruit! I also didn’t like some of the foods she included due to personal preference (I can’t stand tuna!) and there weren’t alternatives, so you just have to choose one of the other few options. Which, again, isn’t horrible-terrible, just gets a little boring. But hey, for 14 days, it’s okay.

My Verdict: Do you need to shape-up for an event and you feel lost as to how to do it? Do you feel like your eating has gotten out of control and you don’t know how to get back on track? Do you feel like you don’t know what to do exercise-wise and/or don’t have a gym membership? Do you feel like you just need to revive all of your old “good” habits of eating well and exercising every day, but it seems so daunting to do on your own? Do you want to learn how to better fuel your body and challenge it physically? If you answered YES!!! to any of these questions, then you better seriously consider/BUY this plan. Why? It never goes out of style. It works. It’s simple. It’s realistic. It doesn’t require a ton of money or time. Did I mention that it works? I noticed less bloat, a tighter tummy, and less cravings within two days. Yeah, seriously. And I even dropped a few pounds—and I work out a lot and eat pretty dang well!

GUESS WHAT!!! Amanda is giving you—all my awesome readers–$10 off her plan with the code “strengthsweat”. Use it to lose it—those extra pounds, that is 😀

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Amanda’s workouts on her website


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