Book Review: Tina Vindum’s Outdoor Fitness

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Book Reviews, Product Reviews

There really is nothing quite like the great outdoors.

Tina Vindum’s Outdoor Fitness

Tina Vindum and her camp sent this to me and I’m really grateful for it. Though, I will admit right now, it took me a year to find time to read this *EEK*. With the career change and a bunch of other life changes, everything got put on the back burner.

But I’m back to reading! YAY!

This book is all about getting into shape—mentally and physically—using the gym nature provides.

What I Liked: Tina explains how liberating it can be to work out outside and how beneficial it is to your mind, emotions, and physical health. She mentions how her body completely changed thanks to working outdoors, and I don’t doubt that! She’s a former Alpine skier and competitive mountain biker, so she knows how to listen to her body and understand what really works best. She gives ideas for how and where to find places to exercise, how to be safe, what to expect, what to eat, as well as workout plans for single site, multisite, and traveling sites. I also liked the last part—“Going Inside Your Body”—where Tina explains how to take care of your body by taking measurements and eating intuitively.

What I Didn’t Like: She spent two chapters about how to connect mentally to the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, it was interesting stuff, however, I would rather she have talked about things to focus on outside as opposed to describing a bunch of them. Everything she talked about was beneficial and there are fascinating facts behind it, but I just thought it got a bit wordy.

My Concluding Thoughts: If you’re dropping your gym membership, but not sure where to go now or what’s possible in the wide world of outdoor fitness, then this book would be a smart investment because of the workout moves and ideas in the last two parts. It gives you a wide variety of ideas of what you can do and where you can do it and with what props you can use. I love how she explains how to use nature’s tools to work out—trees, stumps, rocks, logs, and hills—but she also explains  how to use an urban city’s tools to your advantage, too—parking meters, curbs, stairs, and walls. If you’re happily in a relationship with your gym, there’s no huge need to grab this book. It’s definitely a fun way to spice up your exercise routine, so you should definitely look into her approach either way. Another idea is if you have a personal trainer, mention this book to him or her and request an outdoor session to try things out!


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