My Trainer Fitness—For at Home

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Product Reviews

Workouts on the go…. Brilliiant, simple, and tough…. In only 30 min.

My Trainer Fitness—For at Home

I was sent these workouts a while ago, and as horrible as it sounds, I just haven’t had the time to really do them. These are a pack of laminated cards that can find in any gym bag or purse and have six 30-minute workouts inside. The first few cards consist of an intro, some guidelines to choosing weights, and info on how to use the cards with some warm-up and cool-down ideas. Each card is double-sided and each side consists of a 15-minute circuit. So basically what you do is follow the cards by doing a certain number of reps per exercise, with or without weight, and do the moves all back-to-back as many times as you can in 15 minutes. Then you flip the card and do the same thing with the exercises on the back. There are even pictures and a few short descriptions for some of the moves so no need to use Google or YouTube!

How long did it take?: Each workout in 30 minutes long.
Was it tough?: Yeah, surprisingly it is. When I saw the moves, I thought, “Well, this can’t be TOO hard.” I was somewhat wrong. While the moves are on the more simple-and-basic side, throwing them back-to-back in a circuit and doing some jumping along the way really gets your heart rate up and the sweat going!
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: I do. And it was nice because I took these cards home for a long weekend with the family and was able to do them in the basement when I had time. So it wasn’t a big deal that I didn’t have a gym!
Why I liked it: It’s simple, but effective. Not complicated, but still tough. Everything is there for you—exercise name, number of reps, weight to use, pictures, descriptions, and simple way to do them all (a circuit!).
Do I recommend it?: If you’re someone who is just getting back into a gym routine and knows how to use weights and/or has had some experience with classes and the gym, these are great cards to tote with you. They give you pre-made workouts that target the different muscle groups on different days, while giving you bursts of cardio, and you don’t need much time, space, or equipment. Plus, you can carry them on the go, so whether you’re a soccer mom away at a tournament, a traveling businessman (or hey, vice versa), or just someone who wants to spend more time at home with family and less time driving to and from the gym, these cards are a great idea. And a great gift idea!


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