BodyRockTV – Fat Killer Workout

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Online WO Reviews

Holy cow…. What a workout….

BodyRockTV – Fat Killer Workout

Booty Butt Lift
Sometimes I’m not sure where they come up with these moves! Doug and I did this one together and holy cow, we were both dripping and panting, and not gonna lie, we both felt a lil sick after…

How long did it take?: 12 min.
Was it tough?: Holy cow, yes. This was by far the hardest BodyRock challenge I’ve done yet.
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Um, yes. It burned like no other and I was seriously breathing heavy and dripping. The only thing I had to do was modify the pull-ups with reverse pushups on the dip bars because I can’t do a real pull-up.
Why I liked it: It was crazy total-body-ness in a completely different way! I’ve never felt so tired and fatigued so quickly. And the workout was only 12 min.!
Do I recommend it?: Um, yeah! If you want an insane challenge, this is for you.

Doug’s Take
Was it tough?
: Very tough.
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Yeah, I fatigued at the end, so yeah.
Why I liked it: It was something different, something you don’t typically do. Nonstop, but still very hard.
Do I recommend it?: Yes. If you really want to challenge yourself, do this workout. For me, I know I’m going to do it more.


200 Rep Fat Killer
I held a 10lb. medicine ball for this bad boy, and dang, was it tougher than it sounds/looks! My thighs immediately started burning thanks to my plyo-heavy past few days, but I pushed through. The burpees were whoa-baby since they included the pushup, and I have to admit that I dropped to my knees and just rocked good-form diamond pushups for the last 10. Form was way more important than the on-the-toes-jumping-jack-leg ones.

How long did it take?: No more than 5-10 min… Sorry, I didn’t count exactly.
Was it tough?: Heck. Yeah.
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Heck. Yeah. Four exercises, only a few minutes. Wowzers. Tough stuff. Do this a few times in a row and you’ll be sweating bullets!
Why I liked it: It was different, but with moves I know and love at the heart of each move. Jumping lunges are always tough and BA, but add a 10lb. weight and goo! Burpees, I heart, but I usually do the no-pushup kind with my classes, so this was a big challenge… especially when you rock 25. And diamond pushups, I also heart, but I’ve never done them with jumping-jack legs, and I’ve never done 25 in a row, so wowzers. Just wow.
Do I recommend it? Heck. Yeah. You think you’re tough and strong and fit? Awesome. Now do this workout. It will fatigue you quickly, but in a good way. It’s an intense workout… but one I thoroughly enjoyed and will do again!


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