Bob Harper – Totally Ripped Core (2011)

Posted: August 30, 2012 in DVD Reviews

Another Bob DVD. Because ya know, he’s pretty cool. And he’s got some cool workouts. And they’re pretty tough. And this one? Not bad. But not his best.

Bob Harper – Totally Ripped Core (2011)

I’m kinda surprised and disappointed Bob isn’t flashing a little abs here….

Where I Got This DVD: Bob’s website
Length: Approx. 64 minutes
Workouts: Totally Ripped Core and Ripped Core Quick Bonus
Instructor: Bob Harper
Team: Three women and one man


Totally Ripped Core (48 mins.)

  • BOOOO! The warm-up starts with some stretching.
  • They used weights, just two, but I didn’t have any in my apartment at the time, so I used a kettlebell. You really don’t need weight though.
  • Moves include: deadlift series (with twists), windmills, side crunches, squats, plyometric squats, one-leg deadlifts, one-leg side raises, roll-backs, low squat holds, side burpees, side plank dips, twists, forearm planks, leg lifts, alternating hands forward in plank, bird-dog holds, twisting and kicking mountain climbers, fast feet with a 180-degree jump, Russian squat kicks, and a bunch of different crunches.
  • The cool-down is about 3 minutes of stretching.
  • Bob counts pretty fast and gets a little annoying because he talks a lot.
  • The music is okay—you don’t notice it much.
  • The moves are tough, but some of them didn’t feel very safe to me. And a lot of them became tough on the shoulders and back.


Ripped Core Quick Bonus (11 mins.)

  • You need one weight.
  • You start with some stretching (not cool), but quickly move into the exercises.
  • Moves include: windmills, leg extensions with a weighted raise and hold, back lunges with twists, standing twists, one-leg X-stands, and static sumo squats.
  • The moves are good for balance and don’t make you that sweaty.


Instructor: Bob is okay in this one. He starts to get pretty annoying and his counting bothers me. However, he is a pretty good instructor, explains the movements, and has some challenging moves.
Moves: A great mix of exercises I knew how to do with some new and different variations and combinations that gave me some ideas for my classes!
Intensity Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?: Well. Hm. This is a tough one. Because while I did enjoy some of the combos and variations, I wasn’t so impressed that I felt the need to tell friends and clients about it. I felt like I got a pretty decent workout in, but I could have created a workout similar. And I would have shown more modifications so it was tailored to a wider range of exercisers. And I would have made some of the moves safer.


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