BodyRockTV’s Sexy Satisfaction Workout

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Online WO Reviews

I did this in place of going to the gym yesterday morning…. It was quick, tough, sweaty, and perfect.

Healthy is sexy. Doesn’t matter your size.

Sexy Satisfaction Workout


You need two things for this workout: something to put your feet on top of while you do pushups (I used my futon) and a weight to hold while you squat (I used a 15lb. kettlebell). If you don’t have carpet, you may way a mat for abs, too. Oh, and yes, some sort of timing mechanism—I rock the GymBoss Interval Timer. You’re going hard 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

How long did it take?: 12 minutes
Was it tough?: Yeah—anything with a lot of pushups and some jumping is tough 🙂
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?: Definitely. My body was shaking by the end and I was sweating.
Why I liked it: You don’t need much equipment and honestly you could do it without equipment. The workout is a little different and more challenging than just your normal bodyweight stuff so it makes the workout harder, better, and sweatier.
Do I recommend it?: If you have okay shoulders, then yes. This is shoulder heavy due to the pushups, which makes it both whoa-tough and such a great workout. Let’s put it this way—I just woke up, found this one, decided to do it, did it in 12 minutes, am sweaty, and feel like I’ve worked out enough to start my day!

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