Motivation Monday

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Articles, Music, Quotes, S&S Tips&Tricks, S&S Workouts


Try more sleep at night, no nap, more water, and a to-do list and BOOM! Success.

Your Body on Too Much Exercise
Working out a ton every day does NOT equal skinny, super-lean, and low body fat. It means you’re overtraining. Example number one: Me. I have fat to burn still. I may not look like it, but working out a ton means you’re hungry and your body doesn’t have a great chance to recover from overuse. That’s one of the not-so-obvious downsides to my job. Not to mention I could and should be sleeping more. Example number two: Olympic champion Kaitlin Sandeno.

Make a Deal with Yourself
Ice cream. S’mores. Dark chocolate. Pizza. Beer. It is all my downfall. Yes, really. I love it. And honestly, eat some sort of treat every day, if not twice a day. But I’m sick of it. Sick of giving in to the excuse that I can have it because I work out a lot, when honestly, I need to work on my vegetable intake just as much as everyone else. So I made a deal with myself. I can have 5 treats a week. Not enough for one a day, but not too few that I feel deprived. Luckily I’ve got a partner-in-crime — Doug. We’re doing this together! And ya know what, when I turned down the chocolate and almond bar thing that was put on my desk this morning, I felt great already 🙂

Pound It Out
“Like a Deadmau 6” by DJ Darkus
“Look at Me Now” by DJ Darkus (you’ll have to go to the iTunes store to find it—it’s on the “Of Mic3 and Mau5” album)

Ambition and Patience
“Ambition is a powerful force and should be praised. However, with that being said, an unbalanced ambition can strike down your goal and diminish your desire to achieve. Balance ambition with patience. A large long-term ambition can drive you to succeed, to push past discomfort and pain. This energy can give you the power to get things done and make positive change. Without ambition you won’t have the energy to do much. Patience and ambition are often at odds with each other because they are opposite energies. Ambition is the energy of desire. When you want things you don’t have (weight lose, muscle gain, victory, work promotion, etc.) your ambition makes you work harder for those things. Patience is your knowing that good things take time and makes it possible to wait. There is a balance to these two energies. Have enough ambition to work hard today on one task. Balance that with the patience to recognize that this effort needs to be consistent and constant in order to be achieved. Some goals need to have deadlines; others need to be life styles.” – from MMA Fitness Motivation

Move of the Week
*10 alternating shoulder taps + 10 alternating toe taps in plank

Set up in straight-arm plank with your hands directly underneath your shoulders, your body straight and flat, and your feet together or close to one another. Touch your hands (one at a time) to the opposite shoulder while rocking as slightly as possible. Once 10 are completed, tap your toes to the side, one foot at a time, for a total of 10 reps. Complete these two moves back-to-back for 45-60 seconds straight.

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