Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates (2006)

Posted: August 9, 2012 in DVD Reviews

I needed and wanted a new Pilates DVD to tone up and hone up on my skills since I’m going to start teaching it a bit again. I’ve heard great things about Ellen Barrett, as well, so I thought, “Hey, they’re 10-minute workouts, why not?”

It was a good choice.

Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates (2006)

A great instructor and a great DVD.


Where I Got This DVD: Amazon
Length: 30 minutes (each workout is 10 minutes long)
Workouts: Standing Pilates, Side-Lying Pilates, and Mat Pilates
Instructor: Ellen Barrett
Team: Erin (modifier) and Liz (advanced)

Standing Pilates

  • Small, controlled movements like using your arms while moving the feet and legs slightly, small squats and leg moves.
  • Felt quite body-opening and stretching

Side-Lying Pilates

  • Moves like side plank with twists, leg circles, leg/knee drops and scoops, leg-tracing, and inner thigh lifts

Mat Pilates

  • Moves like slow crunches, leg drops/scissors, single-leg circles, balance/rocking poses, pushups and plank, and leg circles in plank

Instructor: Ellen Barrett is a great instructor. She’s friendly, her instruction is clear and informative, and she’s not annoying. She’s also very beautiful and not super-skinny.
Moves: All of them are simple and basic enough, thanks to the three different levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
Best Workout: The Mat Pilates was the most challenging, though I enjoyed the Side-Lying one, too.
Intensity Level: That’s the best part of this DVD—you get to choose! So it’s great for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced exercisers.
Buy It?: If you are looking for a new Pilates DVD that will strengthen, lengthen, tone, while being time-savvy, this is truly a wonderful DVD. One of my favorite Pilates ones now, actually. Ellen was great, the moves were a mix of tried-and-true and new, and I loved being able to see all versions of the move.


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