Pure Barre – Mile High 1

Posted: July 17, 2012 in DVD Reviews, Product Reviews

Small, concentrated movements in the glute and thigh regions never burned so bad!

Pure Barre – Mile High 1

I have been interested to try a Pure Barre workout for a while since 1) I’m nothing close to being a dancer, but I admire the strength, endurance, and discipline that goes into being one and working out like one; 2) I’m always looking for something more when it comes to fitness; and 3) the founder Carrie is from Michigan!

Equipment-wise, all you need is a mat, a small weighted ball, and a stable support. I used my carpet, a small homemade sandbag, and my table barstool-like chair for support. I have a weighted ball, but it’s 8lbs. (which is a little heavy for this workout) and the material didn’t allow me to grip it well enough. But I made do!

Where I Got This DVD: The wonderful Pure Barre team—thank you!
: Approx. 30 min.
Carrie Rezabek Dorr, the founder/creator
Three ladies

  • The workout menu says the DVD is broken into 17 segments, but they go quickly.
  • The warm-up was tough! It involved having the ball between your thighs the whole time and ended with a stretch.
  • Seriously, holy thighs! You rock squeezes, pulses, hip/ab tucks – they are all pretty killer despite the fact that the movements are small. I was a little shaky.
  • There were small stretching sections in between each level of work.
  • When we got into the standing leg work, I found it hard to keep the sandbag in the crux of my knee, so I had to hold it there. But wowzers—I felt it! It was hard to keep my leg high and straight, though. I wonder if there’s a trick to that….
  • The ab work at the end was impressively challenging—my core was screaming at me by the end. Thank you, small, killer movements.

: Carrie was a good instructor who gave good details—for the most part. She talked very quickly and she transitioned so quickly from one move to the next that I had to rewind it a few times. I also didn’t think her explanations on the different pulses and tucks were enough.
: Small, quick movements—I loved and hated thanks to the burn!
Intensity Level
: Beginner to Advanced
Buy It?:
If you are looking for a great, short workout that will help tone your tushy and tummy without losing your curves, this is definitely one for you! If you’re looking for an all-over, total-body-toner, though, I would pass. While this is somewhat total body, it’s more core and leg-focused. I only wish I had more means to incorporate things like this into my classes—or even the kind of classroom to teach these kinds of classes in!

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