Bob Harper – Total Body Transformation (2011)

Posted: July 5, 2012 in DVD Reviews

Bob Harper – Total Body Transformation (2011)
Oh Bob. Good workout… but his socks are pulled up too high for my liking 🙂

Bob’s got an awesome comb-over…. Luckily his workouts don’t match the tame-ness of his hair!

Where I Got This DVD: Bob’s website
Length: About 74 minutes
Total Body Transformation and Body Power Quick Bonus
Bob Harper
Two women and two men

Total Body Transformation (59:48)

  • Bob says that if you’re in a rut, this is the workout for you because it’s the hardest workout ever. Was it really? No. Was it tough, though? Yeah.
  • You warm-up and stretch (boo!) for about 2 minutes.
  • Then you go straight into the moves. Beware, there are lots of full-body swings (one- and two-arm)!
  • Moves include: full-body swings, one-arm flies, squatting bicep curls, lunges with raises, pulses, shoulder presses, jogging and springing in place, hi-lo plyometrics, all kinds of pushups, planks, flies and rows, burpees, side planks, squat jumps, jumping jacks, jumping lunges, kicks, and all kinds of bridges.
  • My legs, butt, and shoulders were definitely tired after this workout.
  • Weights-wise, the group only had one set of lighter dumbbells and one set of heavier ones. I recommend one 10lb., two 5s or 6s, and two 3s.

Body Power Quick Bonus (14:14)

  • Whoa, I wasn’t even trying 100% with this workout and I was sweaty! I loved it.
  • Moves include: running, jumping jacks, scorpion pushups (LOVE!), planks (with pushups), Turkish get-ups with a weight, shoulder presses, and chair pose and pulses.

: Oh Bob. He’s a good instructor. He’s motivating, but pushes you. However, he counts pretty fast and doesn’t always correct his team’s form, which disappointed me a bit.
: I really liked the variety and was proud to see a lot of the stuff I do in his workouts, and it was great to learn a few new things. (MU-HAHA! to my classes 🙂 )
Best Workout:
Body Power Quick Bonus
Intensity Level
: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It
?: Yes. I do recommend this because though it’s not the hardest workout ever, it is tough, it will get you doing different moves, it will make you amp it up, and it will make you sweaty and sore. Plus, the two-in-one workouts rock.


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