WORKING OUT SUCKS! (AND WHY IT DOESN’T HAVE TO) By Chuck Runyon, CEO and cofounder of Anytime Fitness, Brian Zehetner, and Rebecca DeRossett

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Book Reviews

Yep, working out can suck. But you have to get over that because of how dang good for you it is!

WORKING OUT SUCKS! (AND WHY IT DOESN’T HAVE TO) By Chuck Runyon, CEO and cofounder of Anytime Fitness, Brian Zehetner, and Rebecca DeRossett

I’ve never wanted to dog-ear so many pages in a book before. This is the ultimate Devil’s-Advocate, bust-all-excuses book. (And it has an awesome blog to go along with it.)

Coming in at 261 pages of reading material, with a 21-day fitness and nutrition outline in the back, WORKING OUT SUCKS! is broken into four sections. The first is titled “Part 1: Working Out Sucks, But…” and is written by Chuck Runyon. This is the excuse-busting section. The second is “ “Part 2: Changing Behavior Sucks, Too, But…” and is written by Rebecca DeRossett, who is a MSW and LICSW (which are acronyms for a professional in social work). This is all about the social, emotional parts of health and fitness. The third section is “Part 3: Nutrition Sucks, Too, But…” and is written by Brian Zehetner, who has an MS, RD, and CSCS (which basically means that he has a masters in science, is a nutritionist, registered dietician, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist), and is all about the food side of health. The fourth and final section is “Part 4: Fitness Sucks, Too, But…” and is again written by Brian Zehetner. This is a special section devoted to why moving is so important and then a comprehensive, non-depriving diet plan as well as a simple, effective workout plan to get you through the first 21 days.

What I liked: The chapter lengths—they’re only 1-4 pages long! The sections—I love multiple points of view. The facts—this is crazy-packed with true, hard-hitting facts and statistics. The summary paragraphs—don’t have time to read 2 pages? Read just the last paragraph of each chapter and swallow the hard true. The meal and fitness plan—it’s all about variety, real foods, and no crazy-low calorie restrictions (they’re all 1500-2000 calorie plans!).

What I didn’t like: Honestly, I can’t think of anything outright that I did not like.

My concluding thoughts: I know I work for an Anytime Fitness, but this book needs to be read by all. Seriously. Do you feel a little unmotivated? Buy this book. Do you feel like you’re throwing out excuses left and right? Read this book. Are you fascinated by health, fitness, and the current obesity epidemic? Read WORKING OUT SUCKS! Are you a fitness professional? Buy this book and read it once for yourself, and then continuously for your clients and your business. I read it in about 3 days—and that was just with the little bit I had before I went to bed every night. Oh yeah, and all of the proceeds go to Limbs for Life.

So…. Buy the book. Be friends with Anytime Fitness on Facebook. And read my blog posts on Anytime Health.

  1. mass gainer says:

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  2. sherry brooky says:

    Great job Kelsey! for keeping us informed.

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