Hot “Little Black Dress” Workout Review

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Online WO Reviews

Before you read my workout review, you should read my article on how to help make your office a healthier working environment! After working in an office (and heck, I still do a few days a week!), I know how tough it can be to move more, eat less, eat healthier, and stay motivated.

Now for another Amanda Russell workout review. The title grabbed me because I feel like this is always something trainers try to create—the perfect little black dress workout. So, does this one live up to its promise?

Hot “Little Black Dress” Workout

This may not be an LBD, but it’s a really cute white dress and Amanda is rockin’ it!

How long did it take?: 15 minutes
Was it tough?:
Eh, to me, not really
Did I feel like I got a good workout in?:
It was an okay workout. I started to feel the burn a little, but it wasn’t amazing. Thank goodness the intervals were only 30 seconds because I was starting to get a little bored.
Why I liked it:
The moves were simple enough (except for the bridge-ups—I just did hip bridges with one leg extended to the ceiling), but a little creative and the workout required no equipment.
Do I recommend it?:
For a quick morning or lunchtime workout, sure! You don’t even have to do three rounds—you could do one 5-minute round at a time. For a total workout? Not for the intermediate to advanced exerciser, no. It’s a good warm-up or end to a mild workout day, but this is definitely a great workout for someone who is just getting more into exercise beyond the cardio machines. So even though I liked the no-equipment-necessary-ness of the workout, I was a little disappointed in the intensity… not going to lie.


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