The Ugly Truth That Punched Me in the Stomach and Head This Morning

Posted: May 24, 2012 in S&S Tips&Tricks

I definitely did not wake up feeling like a sexy beast. Wildebeest, yes.

If you want your health and fitness goals to truly succeed and your body to feel and be healthy, stay away from fast food and alcohol.
I know, I sound like a bulletin board or book advertisement, but I’m not trying to be a snobby personal trainer. Honestly, I realized this first-hand last night/this morning. Yesterday was my wonderful mother’s 60thbirthday, so I spent the day with her at our family cottage. It was a gorgeous, relaxing day—much needed. My mom’s dinner choice was KFC (it’s her favorite, God bless her), which I picked up on my way home from teaching BodyPump. I got grilled chicken for me, my dad, and Doug, but, of course, we got mashed potatoes, coleslaw, potato wedges, biscuits, and green beans, too. I had two chicken breasts, potato wedges (they are my weakness!), and green beans, in addition to a margarita that my dad made for me. It was delicious and I felt good about my eating choices—I had already came to terms with allowing myself this fast food treat because I rarely have it.
Fast forward another margarita and a big chocolate-brownie-peach-ice-cream sundae later, to this morning when I had to wake up at 5am to work with a client. I felt horrible! I was dehydrated, my head hurt, I had a stomachache, I felt a little dizzy, and basically, it was as if I had been out all night drinking and gorging on pizza rolls, when I did nothing that seems all that crazy.
How could eating a little semi-okay fast food and a few cocktails cause this? Because I am so used to eating well, drinking a lot of water, rarely drinking alcohol, and rarely eating fast food and that much dairy in one sitting.
So yes, it’s true: despite what your body can get used to food-wise, this is proof that some foods are definitely not good for you. They wreck your body. And once you train yourself to hydrate, eat healthy, and move on a regular and rigorous basis, you become hyper-sensitive to how certain activities, i.e., drinking and eating like crap, can affect your hard work and the machine that is your body.
After 30 minutes back in bed to calm down, a mug of green tea, a 30-minute jog, a hot shower, another mug of tea and a glass of water, and a whole wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter and a banana, I still have a sensitive stomach but am finally feeling more like myself. Today’s plan: eating lots of real/natural/raw foods, drinking lots of water, walking as often as I can, and drinking more green tea.
I’m not saying you can never drink or eat fast food again, but today reminded me of what happens when the machine that I work so hard to keep healthy is lax for a few hours. It malfunctions. I encourage everyone to train hard, eat better, and respect yourself when it comes to food and alcohol, because the healthier you are and the stronger your machine is, the more it resists what is truly bad for you.
Oh, and I have no desire to drink alcohol or eat KFC again for a while 🙂
  1. stefherder says:

    Reblogged this on The Grand Tour and commented:
    Now that I am training for my very first 5k, this blog post speaks mountains to me. Thanks Kelsey!

    • Thank you for reading! It’s funny, I actually learned about the power of certain foods last year when I was training for my first big race and I realized how alcohol and fried foods affecting my runs! Good for you with your training — best of luck 🙂

  2. fitguy44 says:

    I can attest to the truth of your experience, Kelsey. I used to drink wine and hard liquor and would kick myself the next morning. I couldn’t focus, I felt weak in the gym, and I’d make stupid mistakes at work. I had to drink boatloads of water and Emergen-C, take a nap, and dunk my head into a tub of ice water to recover. I also used to eat fast food and would feel like a slug for the rest of the day. Now I hardly ever desire alcohol, I almost never eat fast food, and I feel so much better for it. It is SO WORTH staying away from that junk. Thanks for sharing.

    • It really is amazing how BLAH your body feels after a day or night of nonhealthy fare. I’m glad you’ve experienced the healthy happiness of respecting yourself like I have! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Sally Bryker says:

    Amen to that Kelsey. I find the same thing when not nourishing and hydrating well. Glad your mom had a good 60th though. I know she loved having her family with her. xoxo

    • It’s one of those things where it’s difficult to cut back on drinking and greasy, fatty foods, but as soon as your body is used to it, it’s hard getting back on them!

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