The Weight of the Nation, Parts 3 and 4

Posted: May 16, 2012 in DVD Reviews, Facts

It’s not too late! You can still see the films here:

Doug and I witnessed a sunset amidst a lightning-filled thunderstorm over Lake Michigan last night. It was so cool! I’ve never seen that before.

While we snacked on an apple and a huge glass of water with water mix-ins, we watched Parts 3 and 4 of The Weight of the Nation HBO documentary. Note: We didn’t watch through the end because there was a slow-down in the pouring rain and we decided to leave my cottage before the hail started.

The Weight of the Nation
Parts 3 (Children in Crisis) and 4 (Challenges)

Some highlights from these parts…

  • 12oz. of pop has 10 tsp. of sugar.
  • 12oz. of apple juice and grape juice also have 10 tsp. of sugar… and orange juice has 8 tsp. of sugar.
  • Energy drinks should NEVER be consumed by children or adolescents.
  • Private businesses will spend $30+ billion/year in health care costs by 2025, thanks mostly to obese employees.
  • Obesity costs American businesses $70 billion/year.
  • Only 5% of adults get the recommended daily amount of physical activity.
  • 75% of Americans drive to work — a 300% increase since 1970. Ride your bike! Walk!
  • Restaurant portions are 2-5 times the size of what we need.
  • Americans consume an average of 600 calories/day more than in 1970, which equals a 5-10-pound gain each year!
  • Kids consume twice as many calories at restaurants than they do when eating at home.
  • Those who are overweight and obese have to work out longer and eat less every day in order to maintain their weight compared to those who are of an average weight. Work out consistently now, so you don’t have to continue increasing your time in the gym in the future!

The moral of the documentary is this: Take care of yourself NOW before your health is out of your hands. Remember, being overweight and obese is easier to prevent than to fix.

My take on the documentary: Losing weight and staying healthy isn’t rocket science — you have to move more, sit less, eat less processed food, drink fewer calories, and eat healthier in order to have a healthy body. It doesn’t mean this is easy… With kids, sports, jobs, busy schedules, and easy-to-grab, cheap food, I get it. It’s easy to put on weight. But is it worth it? Are those Big Macs really worth a fatty liver? Or diabetes? Or a shortened life span? No. Love yourself and take care of yourself for those who love you.


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