Motivation Monday

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Articles, Inspiring People, Music, Quotes, S&S Workouts

Push yourself.

Happy Monday! It’s going to be a busy week — I’m moving this Friday! Woo! Not really. I hate moving. But, tis what tis, so that means I’m cleaning out my fridge (a good excuse to have to eat as much of the good-stuff-that-will-go-bad-quickly!), packing my life, and still working a lot in the process. I know I can tackle a busy week (of clients, work, teaching, freelance, Doug’s birthday, packing, cleaning, etc.) and still eat healthy and work out hard, so I know you can, too! NO EXCUSES!

Pump the Jam
“Girls” by Beastie Boys (RIP Adam Yauch)
“I Like to Move It” by Jock Jams
“Boom Boom Boom” by Jock Jams

Resuscitate Me
“You have one life—this one right now—you must live it, own it, and especially don’t let other people’s opinions distract you from your path.” –

“The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business—or almost anywhere else for that matter.” –Lee Iacocca

“Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.” –Anonymous

Watch and Believe
Never, Ever Give Up — This is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard!

Tasting the Rainbow
Wonder why everyone (gym people, trainers, doctors, etc.) always talks about eating a colorful diet? Now you know.

Kelsey’s Lower Body Reps Challenge
*Here’s a little workout I created for you—do one round through (320 reps total) as fast as you can and let me know your time!
*Things to remember: for squats, your feet are wider than shoulder-width, toes turned out. For lunges, your chest is straight and proud, abs in, knees at 90-degree angles. For the leg pulses, stand up straight and tall, hands above head, pull in the belly, don’t hinge, and keep the knee of the standing leg soft.

  • 25 squats
  • 25 squat bounces (hands together in front of your body, bouncing up off your toes—you don’t need to bounce high!)
  • 25 squat jumps (hands reach down to the floor, then up toward the ceiling)
  • 25 squat jacks
  • 30 alternating front lunges
  • 20 alternating curtsy squats
  • 30 jumping lunges (each leg forward is 1 rep)
  • 20 (1o per leg) propulsion lunges(see 3:10 in the video; if this is too hard, see 2:57 for the modification!)
  • 20 of each: right leg backward pulses, right leg side pulses, right knee front pulses, left leg backward pulses, left leg side pulses, and left knee front pulses

Now you have NO EXCUSES about time or getting to the gym because this won’t take long and you don’t need any equipment.

  1. […] This is all courtesy Amanda Russell. She credited this routine to her. […]

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