Strength & Sweat Bootcamp – Coordination and Strength & Power Day Recaps

Posted: May 1, 2012 in S&S Workouts


I like my jumping jacks… and the many variations 🙂
Photo courtesy of my trusty sidekick, Doug.

I’m playing catch-up with my bootcamp day recaps, but here they are! Last Saturday was Coordination Day and this past Saturday was Strength & Power Day. If you are enrolled in bootcamp, here’s the exercises so you can practice and/or add your fav moves to your workout routine, or, if you missed a class, here’s what you missed, OR, if you’re just curious as to what kind of craziness I do at bootcamp, here ya go 🙂



  • Agility ladder. We ran through the rungs one foot at a time, then touching both toes in each rung, then skipping a rung with high knees, and lastly skipping a rung with butt kicks. We went through several times with each, switching lead feet every few goes through.

The Workout:

  • Hand-feet-quickness. We started with a series of criss-cross legs of a line and jumping jacks with elbow-to-opposite-knee-ups, each for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest. We did each of these twice.
  • Tennis ball hand-eye-balance. We grabbed tennis balls and went to the building wall. We threw the ball high against the wall, jumped up to catch it, then landed and squat, stood up, threw the ball low against the wall, and squatted to catch it. We did this for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest. For the next round of 45/15, we stood on our right feet and threw the ball high, right, low, and left, and balanced while catching it. We alternated the throw-jump-squat tennis ball throws and the standing on one-leg while throwing the ball against the wall for 5 total rounds.
  • Agility ladder round 1. After warming up with a round of each of the runs we did to warm-up, we turned to the side (left side facing the ladder) and karaoked down the ladder, twisting the right foot over the left, then behind. After several rounds through, we moved to the other side so our right side faced the ladder. We then moved on to two feet in and out of each rung as quickly as possible, with the left foot leading. After several rounds through, we moved to the other side so our right side faced the ladder. Then we did skiers. Skiers are when one foot is in the rung and the other is parallel to it (shoulder-width apart) outside of the rung and you bound from rung to rung, switching the foot inside the rung. So basically, you’re moving diagonally forward as you step in each rung with a different foot in each time. Once we went through a few times, we amped it up a bit by squatting before bounding (skiing) forward to the next rung. So you jumped a little higher and squatted lower with a slight pause.
  • Cone drills. We moved to a set of 8 cones that I set up about 2 meters (3 strides) from each other and diagonally forward about 1-2ft. each time.  We stood on our right feet and hopped around each cone, moving diagonally. We did this with our left next, and for a total of two times through on each foot. Then we laterally jumped from cone to cone, balancing on the landing foot and keeping the other foot off the ground, working our cores. We did this twice through before moving on to the last movement: a sideways/diagonal shuffle with a forward jump over the cones. We did this twice through as well.
  • Core-balance challenge. We took a break from jumping to work our cores. We did 5 scorpion pushups per leg (only we did a pushup first with the heel to the sky before twisting); 10 chuck it & tuck its (see the last video, about a third of the way through); and 10 planks with cross kicks (hold plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and take the left leg and kick it under and across your body so you tap the left shin with your right hand; switch legs).
  • Plus (+) sign eye-foot-coordination. We moved to the big plus (+) signs that Doug and I drew on the ground with chalk. For 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest on the timer, we jumped clockwise around into each square on only our right feet. Then we jumped counterclockwise around with our left foot for 45/15. We went back to the right foot and jumped counterclockwise for 45/15 before finishing by going clockwise on the left foot for 45/15. Next we jumped with both feet in each square clockwise for 45/15 before reversing it counterclockwise for the next 45/15.
  • Last jumping challenges. We finished with a two 45/15 sets each of 90-degree jump turns with your feet in two squares in the plus sign (stand with your feet in the bottom two squares and jump 90 degrees to the right, with your feet landing in the top and bottom right squares, and continue like that) and V-jumps (your hands are in pushup position in the top two squares with your feet together behind you—you jump your feet up together into the bottom left-hand square, then back to center, then jump your feet up to the bottom right-hand square).


  • Stretching. Lots of nice stretching.



  • Shuffle, bounce, and kick. For 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, we did two sets of each: low-shuffled from wall to wall (approx. 12 feet across) with a medicine ball/weight above our heads, and then 10 high knees followed by 10 alternating push-front-kicks.

The Workout:

  • Swings and pushups. For 45 seconds, we used a weight to do wide-stance full-body swings. We rest for 15 seconds before doing 8 regular pushups, 5 staggered-hand pushups with the right hand forward, then 5 with the left forward. We did this sequence a total of three times through.
  • Lunges and duck walks. For 45/15, we lunged back with our left foot and kicked forward with it while holding a weight above our heads with our left hands. After the 15 break, we did the same with our right foot. Then we dropped the weight, went to the walk and sank into a low squat with our hands behind our heads and walked forward by kicking each foot forward, one at a time, down to the opposite wall and back. We did this sequence a total of two times through.
  • Renegade rows and plank twists. For 45 seconds, we used one weight and placed it in between our hands while in pushup position and rowed it up (elbow close to your side, going up high), alternating hands. We took 15 seconds for rest before going back up into straight-arm plank and doing 10 plank twists—right knee to right elbow, right knee to left elbow = 1 rep. We did the entire sequence three times total.
  • Goblet squats and scissor abs. For 45 seconds, we held one weight in front of our sternum in both hands and, with our feet hip-bone-width apart, we squatted as low as possible, then pushed through the heels to standing, coming into a calf raise as we raised the weight overhead. We rested for 15 seconds before doing 20 scissor-leg-hug crunches, where you crunch up to meet one leg rising up, wrapping your hands around the leg, folding down, then crunching up to the other leg. We did these two exercises for a total of 3 sets.
  • Jump squats and weighted pushup twists. I set the timer again to 45/15 and we did wide-leg jump/bounce squats while holding a weight at our sternums, followed by pushups and a weighted twist (place a weight in between your hands, do a pushup, then grab the weight in your right hand and twist into a side plank to swing/raise the weight overhead, looking up at the weight; twist down, set the weight down, pushup, then repeat on the other side). We did a total of two sets of each.
  • Propulsion lunges and weighted sit-up twists. For 20 reps, we lunged back with the left leg, then swung it forward, knee going up high, and jumped off the right foot.  Repeat on the right leg for 20 reps. Then we grabbed a weight and laid on the ground with the weight overhead, legs slightly wider than hip-width, soft bend in the knees. Raise the weight over the head and crunch up and toward the left shin. Roll down, raising the weight over the head again, and repeat on the opposite side. Do 20 reps. Repeat this entire sequence of three moves a total of two times each.


  • Yoga. We cooled down and stretched with some much-needed yoga moves like downward dog, forward lunge, triangle, and child’s pose.

If you have any questions, let me know! I didn’t have enough time to find videos for each, but I’m sure you can find them if you search via Google. Most of the ab moves are courtesy of BodyRockTV. Now, I challenge you to do as many of those moves this week in your workouts as possible!

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    i like what you have put here, many thanks

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