Fun Fact Day!

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Facts

What are you doing to be — and feel — better than yesterday?

I like learning things. That’s why I love my health and fitness magazines. Let me hit you with some knowledge. (Facts compliments of Women’s Health, March and April 2012 issues.)

  • The healthiest types of fish to eat are wild Alaskan salmon, farmed mussels, and wild sardines. Tilapia, crab, mussels, and shrimp are all under 150 calories per 6-oz. serving. Stay away from very large fish like eel, bluefin tuna, Chilean sea bass, orange roughy, and swordfish.
  • 12% of recycled food bags contain E. coli.
  • You decrease your risk of getting heart disease by 24% if you get your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every two years.
  • Smoking cigarettes gives females a 104% higher chance of experiencing chronic pain; 100% 100% more likely to have symptoms of depression; 300% more likely to have acne; 25% more likely to experience fractures due to bone loss; and 40% more likely to die within 30 days of surgery.
  • Unwind by the water! Its aesthetic qualities can induce a calming effect on your psyche.
  • 52% of kids’ cereals have more sugar per cup than three chocolate chip cookies.
  • When people hear words like “deprivation,” they unconsciously try to compensate by having high-calorie foods.
  • If you rinse and drain canned beans before eating them, you reduce the sodium content by 41%.
  • Dodging an infection may be as simple as eating more greens.
  • Improving your balance can prevent injuries and increase your agility and quickness.
  • An incline is a good place to do plyometric moves to build power.
  • Caffeine boosts reactive agility.
  • The healthiest soy products are the least-processed kinds like miso, soy milk, tofu, and edamame. These can help decrease breast cancer risks by 30%!
  • Planks are better than crunches. Planks hit ALL parts of your abs (inner and outer) and your low-back muscles.
  • Your risk for Type 2 Diabetes drops 33% when you regularly exercise for 20 minutes, three times a week.
  • Excess weight could lead to indulging in the face of temptation.
  • Laughter is great medicine. It releases endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers.
  • Former smokers performed 25% better on memory tasks than current smokers.
  • Every young woman needs 1000 mg of calcium a day, but most only get 300-400mg through food. Only a few of the good-for-your-bones kinds of calcium are found in supplements.

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