Motivation Monday

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Articles, Music, Quotes, S&S Tips&Tricks

Hehe I loved this :)

Did you have a good weekend? Do anything special? Get in any kind of tough, fun, or exhilarating workouts? I tried a few new things, but also took some time to let go by heading to a Matt Nathanson concert with my boyfriend on Friday night and indulging in my mom’s home cooking 🙂 It was just what I needed!

But back to reality, right? It’s Monday. It’s basically spring. Which means summer is coming. Time to get into good habits as it stays lighter for longer and you’ll be outside more and more before you know it! Here’s my findings to keep you happy, healthy, and going strong!

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Kelsey’s Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise and Eat Healthier

  • Post-it notes. Write yourself personal, practical, glaring, motivational, inspirational notes and put them everywhere—your kitchen, your mirrors, your bedroom, your doors. You get the picture.
  • Make “dates” with your friends at the gym. Worried that working out will cut into your social life? Then make your social life active. Walk on the treadmill next to your girlfriend. Or take a jog together. Call your mom while you’re on a walk around town. Turn taking an after-dinner bike ride with your husband (and kids) into a habit.
  • Make it your “me” time. Load your iPod with your favorite songs, or a podcast you’ve been waiting to listen to, or grab that book or magazine you’ve been wanting to read, and hop on a cardio machine. Tune out for at least 20 minutes and just indulge in doing/watching/listening to what you want. I personally love taking magazines to the gym and walking on a steep incline while I read them!
  • Sit down and write a list of why you want and need to get healthy and hang it up so you can see them every day. Add anything else that could help—like healthy snack ideas, a motivational or old picture, or something even bigger and more awesome-creative that you think of 🙂
  • If you can only work out in the early morning, wear some/all of your workout clothes to bed. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes when I teach my 5:30am Spin classes, I wear my sports bra and tank top to bed and have everything else laid out by my keys! If you can only work out after work/at night, then put everything in your car or leave it at the gym so you can’t escape it!
  • Write down a few exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime, sans equipment and sweat. Put them in the kitchen, on your mirror, in the laundry room, by the TV, next to your computer, so whenever you have a few static moments (folding clothes, at the office, washing dishes, talking on the phone, watching TV, brushing your teeth, etc.). Examples include: squats, lunges, calf raises, bicep curls, shoulder raises, tricep dips, push-ups (against a wall or counter), and leg lifts or pulses.
  • Post little notes with fit facts about water, food, sugar, and other foods in the kitchen, on the fridge, and at the office so you’re constantly reminded about what’s best for you.
  • Pinterest! Yeah, I know, but it’s true. Click on the “Fitness” tab and soak in the motivation!
  • Pack your breakfast, lunch, and/or snacks the night before after you eat dinner. This way, you’re not hungry, have leftovers out, and can clearly think about the next day, and when you’re done, you don’t have to worry about rushing in the morning!
  • Go through the local grocery ads on Sundays when they are in the paper or online and make your grocery list according to what’s on sale. I always do this!

What I’m Listening to
“Turn All the Lights On” by T-Pain ft. Ne-Yo
“Angel” by Flipsyde
“Someday” by Flipsyde

Be Inspired
“Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.” –Julius Charles Hare, English theological writer

“At the end of your life you will want to know if you really lived your life, not the hopes and dreams of your parents, teachers, peers, or your spouse. You will measure yourself to see if you were vibrant, cheerful, present and alive enough.” –Brendon Burchard, founder of Experts Academy and the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today bestselling author

“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps—we must step up the stairs.” –Vance Havner, preacher


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