Bob Harper – Yoga for the Warrior (2010)

Posted: February 29, 2012 in DVD Reviews

Happy Leap Day! I’ve wanted to try this yoga DVD of Bob’s for a while and a great sale coupled with ridiculously tight, stressed-out muscles got me to do it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Bob Harper – Yoga for the Warrior (2010)

Bob doesn't disappoint with this yoga workout -- it both strengthens and lengthens!

Where I Got This DVD: Bob’s website (LOOK! A bunch are still on sale!!!)
: Approx. 75 min.
Workout 1: Yoga Workout and Workout 2: Yoga Abs
Bob Harper
Robert, Kristen, and Leah

Workout 1: Yoga Workout

  • This workout was about 58 minutes long and only requires a mat (or carpet).
  • Bob starts out really well wish slow controlled stretching movements, like the forward fold/bend.
  • The moves themselves are pretty standard and classic, but I liked how Bob put them together in the sequence that he did. You always went back to mountain pose and did a vinyasa before continuing with a new move or pose, which allowed your body to stretch and open further.
  • Moves/poses included: Warrior I and II, downward dog, upward dog, chaturanga, forward fold/bend, tree, chair, plank, push-ups, standing splits, half moon, bird-dog, awkward airplane, side angle, reverse Warrior, side plank, and some more one-leg balance poses before you go down to the mat for the last 16 minutes to do some ab work (bridges, happy baby, crunches, scissors) and stretching.
  • You end in the classic corpse pose.
  • The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the music—it’s wasn’t soothing.


Workout 2: Yoga Abs

  • This workout was about 17 minutes long and once again, didn’t have soothing music.
  • The workout itself was more Pilates-esque than yoga-y, but it was still pretty tough.
  • Moves/poses included: crunches, pulses, scissors, single-leg pulses, core rotations, half- and full boat poses and twists, bicycles, leg extensions, and planks with mountain climbers.
  • I did enjoy it and felt it working, but again, it’s not yoga-y, it’s very much Pilates and core training.


: Bob is a good instructor. He gives enough verbal cues, motivation, and information about each pose and move that you understand how to do it, why you’re doing it, and how to do it better, without him getting annoying or awkward. I really do love Bob as an instructor and think taking one of his classes would be sweet.
: Pretty classic in the Pilates and yoga areas, but good, challenging, and progressive how Bob puts them together.
Intensity Level
: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It
?: If you’re new to yoga, aim to work up to this one. Yes, the moves are more traditional, but the way Bob stacks them and has you hold them is tough. My balance, core endurance, and mental toughness was tried with this one, even more so because I have tight muscles right now. However, if you’re looking for a new yoga workout, this one really, truly is awesome. It’s enough of a stretchy-relaxing yoga that you feel your body lengthen and open, but it’s tough enough that you really do feel your muscles working to hold, balance, and stabilize you, thus giving you a good workout, too. I would recommend this DVD to anyone looking for a great at-home yoga class because even though the main workout is an hour long, I can see myself throwing this in and skipping around if I was short on time, just to get a good stretch in.


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