The Butt Bible (2011)

Posted: February 16, 2012 in DVD Reviews, Product Reviews

The name itself intrigued me. Did I score a new winner? Find out…

The Butt Bible (2011)

Yes, that is really what her backside looks like. Goo-ber.

Where I Got This DVD: Exercise TV sent it to me
: Approx. 180 min.
: Pauline Nordin
Madison and Terry Anne

*You need two sets of weights—I suggest 3s and 5s.

Lower Body Level 1

  • Simple moves that burn like whoa: bridges, squats, leg lifts, lunges, dead lifts, etc.
  • “Ass to the grass and nut-cracking at the top!” Yes, she actually said this. What the…
  • I’m pretty sure Madison was laughing, like I was J

Lower Body Level 2

  • Moves include: glute squeeze, jumping lunges, squat pulses, LOTS of leg lifts, plies with 5lb. weights, side squats with weights, bridges with weights (this is where I started to shake), cross-leg bridges, sumo squats with weights, and alternating lunges with weights.
  • Pauline talks the whole time and bashes other workouts. It’s quite obnoxious.
  • “You may be broke, but if you have a nice piece of ass, you have everything.” Yes, yes, she actually said this, too. *Shaking my head*
  • A little bit longer and harder than Level 1.

Lower Body Level 3

  • You need weights, a chair/stool, and a barbell (I didn’t have/use one so it’s not imperative).
  • Moves include: split-leg lunges with feet on the chair, single-leg squats, one-leg deadlifts with weights, one-leg step-ups with weights, range of motion lunges, one-leg bridges, deadlifts with weights, plies with weights, and side-to-side squats with weights.
  • You do three sets of each.
  • Wow. Ouch. Shaky. Sweaty.
  • “I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow,” I thought. (I wasn’t really, amazingly.)
  • Again a little bit longer and harder than Level 2.

Upper Body Level 1

  • Approx. 22 minutes long.
  • Moves include: butterfly shoulder raises on your stomach, rows, shoulder presses, tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, pushups, standing back flies, regular crunches, reverse crunches, side planks, and supermans.
  • Pauline talks a lot again and makes more silly comparisons. I’ve decided at this point that she’s only an okay instructor.

Upper Body Level 2

  • Approx. 31 minutes long.
  • The warm-up is just okay.
  • Moves include: side-lying shoulder things (I was bothered because the reps were uneven between the arms, but WHOA! did these burn! Use light weights. Seriously.), butterfly sweeps on stomach, wide-grip pushups, narrow-grip pushups, high lateral raises, shoulder presses, one-arm rows, bicep curls and hammer curls, high cross abs, spread-leg abs (I’m pretty sure she called these “the gynecologist”… yeah…), and crunches with knees up.
  • Pauline… she’s just so weird! How she talks so bluntly and all of the time! The only good thing she said this time is that women don’t need to be scared of lifting heavy because they won’t bulk up (it’s true!).

Upper Body Level 3

  • Approx. 41 minutes long.
  • Moves include: another meh warm-up, read delt holds with shoulder rotations, rear delt raises, single alternating rows, squat n’ presses, lateral shoulder raises (she goes up too high with these—she “flies like a bird” when you should really keep it at shoulder height), standing tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, Arnold presses, tricep dips, tricep pushups on knees, sit-ups, bicycle legs, windmill legs side-to-side, superman torso raises, and forearm plank.
  • This one was tough, but good. Me liked, but again… Pauline! Ugh.

: Wow. Pauline is… talkative. Don’t get me wrong, chica’s got a rock-solid body that is seriously muscle-y and a booty that is for-reals bootylicious (especially for a small white girl like her!), but she talks too much. And it gets awkward and weird. Her English isn’t perfect because she’s from Sweden and man, they must be blunter there because she goes off on tangents about being fit from “top to toe” and how you don’t want “cottage cheese” thighs and “flabby skin” and “Pilates, that’s a joke” and how people are lazy and sit on the couch and whine. Now, on one hand I wanted to applaud her; it was great to hear someone come out and vocalize the truth: working out requires sweat, hard work, dedication, time, and all-around healthy habits. You can’t eat like crap and take a daily walk to achieve a great body—no one can! However, she talks WAY too much about this stuff and just way too much in general. As for her instruction, it was meh—not bad, but not great either.
: A really good mix of stuff I knew and stuff I didn’t really think would be challenging, but was.
Best Workout:
Lower Body Level 3
Upper Body Level 1
Intensity Level:
Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?:
If you need to work out at home, are sick of the everyday workout videos but still want moves that aren’t too crazy, and if you don’t mind listening to your own music or putting up with incessant chatter, this DVD could be a new love for you. For me, honestly, I can see myself doing one or two of the workouts again when I’m bored and/or need some new stuff for my classes and clients. But I probably won’t use this DVD on a regular basis, mostly because of Pauline. She crazy.


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