Posted: February 9, 2012 in Articles, S&S Tips&Tricks

The handsome, loveable, hardcore Bob Harper

!!! I will be using a ton of exclamation points during the post — you are forewarned!!!

I was perusing Facebook to see what I’ve missed since last night and because I like a lot of fitness people’s/company’s pages and I wanted to know that the buzz around the fitness world was today (there’s always something happening). And what do I find but Bob Harper’s current post:

“How are you coming with your New Year’s resolution? Keep making smarter choices…stay active! I have extended my DVD sale!! You can still get any of my WORKOUT DVDS FOR $5!”

SAY WHAAAAT!?!? Bob’s DVDs are $5!? Holy… No… WHAT!? So I clicked the link and it’s no joke — ALL of Bob’s DVDs are $5! Yeah, that’s right, the usual $19.99 DVDs are $5. Since I’ve already reviewed “Inside Out Method – Pure Burn” and “Inside Out Method – Body Rev”, so I got 5 more to review for you all (the only ones I won’t be are the Kettlebell and Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation ones for now).

If you need motivation, a cheap workout, a workout you can do at home (read: no gym membership required!), and a tough workout to take your fitness, endurance, and results to the next level, CHECK OUT BOB’S DVDS!


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