TurboFire (2010)

Posted: January 25, 2012 in DVD Reviews

Chalene Johnson made a DVD comeback with her 90-day system TurboFire. I loves me some kickboxing, likes me some Chalene, and DVD “systems” intrigue me. I must admit that I watched the infomercial for TurboFire every Sunday for a while. Yeah, seriously. It just looked awesome—from the music to the moves. So did I finally cave and buy it? Not exactly… All right, no, I didn’t. Some fellow fitness fanatics at my old job had it and when I found out, I asked to borrow one or two of the discs just to try it out. They did me one better—they let me borrow the entire system over the long weekend. Score! But wait… That meant doing 10 discs (they were missing one) in three days… Oh man… Whatever. I was crazy and did them all.

I’m going to break down the system disc by disc for ya.

TurboFire (2010)

Holy Awesome Sauce.

Where I Got This DVD: My coworkers
: All together, approx. 8hrs 25min.
: Chalene Johnson
A few usuals, like Chalene’s sister, but then a big group of instructors and enthusiasts.

Note: Need body bands (the ones with handles) and mat (if no carpet)
2nd Note: The Stretch 10 parts are all the same. Just a heads-up.


Get Fired Up

  • This DVD is just Chalene talking. Watch the “New to Class” section because it breaks down the common moves and explains how she cues so you’re ready for it. She also answers some questions about the system (how you should have a cardio base before you jump into this, it works best with a food journal, and how to connect on the Beachbody online support) and the structure (HIIT, fire drills, etc.).


HIIT 15, Stretch 10

  • Chalene breaks down the fire drills before you do them, which is nice, because you do each for 30-40 seconds. There are 3 total drills and you go through each three times. Lots of jumping! But a good warm-up and cool down, including some yoga-y moves, so don’t worry. There’s also one modifier so you can keep things more low-intensity.


Fire 55 EZ, Stretch 10

  • This is definitely not as “EZ” as it sounds! A 55-minute kickboxing workout is tough no matter who’s leading! There is a “New to Class” section that you should watch before doing the workout because there is a lot to remember and learn. But don’t be discouraged; you’ll get it. She breaks down the fire drills and two finales before you do them so you get a nice little breather. There are two 1-minute fire drills throughout, which helped turn me into a sweaty mess. There’s a 7-minute cool down before Chalene ends with some talking. Overall, a great workout! My knees were definitely a little sore after this workout.


Core 20, Stretch 40

  • You need an exercise band for this DVD. This is a tough abs workout with about half of the moves completed while standing and the other half on the mat… And not all of them are with the band. It was a great workout! The stretch part is yoga-stretchy but intense and faster. It was pretty good and felt quite lovely after two days of intense TurboFire-ing.


Fire 45, Stretch 10

  • Definitely watch the “New to Class” section of this one before you tackle it. The combos are great—I really loved them! The first fire drill was really hard because it had lots of jumping and twisting, but don’t freak, the second one is easier, and you do that one twice. This one also had a fun finale.



  • This workout consists of 55-second rounds, 45-second breaks. You complete 2 rounds before moving on to 3 sets of 46-second rounds. Good, tough stuff.


Fire 45 EZ

  • The first part’s choreography is great; it’s not too hard, but really fun. The second part’s choreography was great, too. It was more simple, but really effective and fun. No fire drills in this one so I think this would be a great DVD to start the series with,



  • All right, this one has 4 drills and you do them each 2 times, the first for 69 seconds, second for 67, third for 69, and fourth for 56 seconds. Lots of jumping. More jumping. Jumpy. It was super hard and intense and wow… it was my fav HIIT workout.


Sculpt 30, Tone 30

  • I was disappointed that this workout started with stretching since it’s really not appropriate to stretch before you work out. You need bands for this workout and if you weren’t wearing shoes for the other workouts (which I wasn’t), you should for this one. A few of the moves were curtsy/bowler’s and lunges with an overhead press. The band challenge with the legs was whoa-tough. It was a great class—the Tone one—but it repeated a lot of the moves from the Sculpt part.


Stretch 40

  • This is the same stretch segment as you did in the Core 20, Stretch 40 class. Nothing new.


: Chalene isn’t itty-bitty thin, you can’t see her ribs, and she’s not super jacked, either—all really good things, if you ask me. She’s the picture of a woman who is healthy and works out, not a bodybuilder or stick-thin goddess. She’s a real woman with real hips and hard-earned muscles. I thought she was great at instructing each workout and getting the energy going. I had a ton of fun working out with her.
: All awesome. I was happy, impressed, and could follow allow once I got going.
Intensity Level
: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It
?: Oh man, what else can I say but YES! If you like to move and shake and punch and kick and jump, you need to try this workout. I loved it and have seriously considered forking over the cash to get the entire set, despite barely being home to work out to it. I loved the diversity of the workouts, yet the consistency with moves and teaching. Not to mention the music was great, the workouts felt different than anything I’d been doing, and I felt excited to pop one of the DVDs in. I wasn’t dreading it, I was seriously excited. So if you’re a pretty avid exerciser looking for something new, fun, spunky, and not crazy long, try this. It’s awesome.


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