Yoga Conditioning for Athletes

Posted: December 28, 2011 in DVD Reviews

This DVD took me a while to complete and review, but I did it! I was intrigued by the idea of workouts tailored toward specific sports because I fell like yoga is pretty well-rounded in regards to targeting the whole body in a stretchy and strengthening manner, but I definitely learned a bit with each of these workouts.

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes


Gaiam and Rodney Yee -- the masters of yoga.


Where I Got This DVD: The library
Length: Approx. 3 hours and 55 min. total
Workouts: Mini workouts include: Running, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Swimming, and All Sports; Strength-Building Workout; Flexibility-Improving Workout
Instructor: Rodney Yee
Team: One man and one woman


Mini Workouts
Running: This workout was very quick, maybe only 5 min. or so, and included about 4 poses (like child’s pose, downward dog, and forward bend). It was very tranquil.

Tennis: This was a little longer, close to 10 min. long, and was also very tranquil. You need a band for one pose; overall the poses are very stretchy, including downward dog, one-leg hamstring stretches, and warrior II.

Golf: Moves include warrior II, side bends, eagle arms. This definitely targeted your back more and was about 10 min. long.

Cycling: Moves include downward dog, back bend, low lunges, side-angle lunge with twist, cobra, band stretches, and a back stretch using a towel. This was my favorite of the mini workouts—great stuff!

Swimming: A workout with sun salutations, forward bends, up dogs, downward dogs, triangles, side-angle lunges, low lunges, and a towel-between-the-shoulders stretch.

All Sports: A bit of a repeat with down dogs, forward bends, triangles, child’s pose, cobblers’ pose legs, and corpse.


Strength-Building Workout
*This was broken into three sections
Opening: Lots of twists and bends to open and lengthen the body.

Conditioning: Start to get into poses—up dog, down dog, forward bend, triangle, tree, side-angle, chair, eagle, warrior I and II.

Integration: Going deeper and holding poses longer—cobbler’s, hero, corpse—includes a lot of stretchy poses while sitting up straight or lying on your back.


Flexibility-Improving Workout
*This was broken into three sections and you need a chair or stool for this one
Opening: Lots of nice stretching (which helped me realize how tight and non-flexible I am!).

Conditioning: Getting into poses—warriors, wide-leg forward bend, chair, eagle, tree, triangle, forward bend.

Integration: Holding poses a little longer—bow, cobra, hip lunge, hamstring stretches with a strap/band, and some different breathing techniques at the end.


Instructor: Rodney has a very calming, soothing voice. I enjoy listening to him. Not to mention he’s also a good teacher—he’s easy to follow and he doesn’t talk too much. However, he is very into your breathing and the mental relaxation so he does talk about that a bit.
Moves: A variety of pretty standard yoga poses. It doesn’t get too repetitive unless you do them back-to-back, which I did and it did get a little meh.
Best Workout: I like the Cycling Mini Workout.
Worst: I was disappointed that the Running Mini Workout wasn’t longer or more intricate.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced.
Buy It?: Do you like yoga a lot? Want a variety of workouts without the crazy moves? Need a range of workout lengths from short to long? If you answered yes to any of those, buy this DVD. I liked it a lot because you can pick and choose any of the mini workouts or do parts of the longer ones—it was really mix-and-match friendly. I never felt overwhelmed by the moves (I’m no yoga pro), but I felt like they each targeted my sore and tight muscles well, which makes this genuinely great for athletes. If you’re a beginning yogi, I would probably check out another DVD first just because this one does include a lot of moves and workouts.

  1. Pedalhappy says:

    I bought this dvd a few years ago and really liked it especially for cycling. I go back to it often and am never dissapointed.

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