Quick Fix Total Cardio Kick (2004)

Posted: December 14, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I loved the Swiss ball Quick Fix DVD so much that I had to try another one—and what better than kickboxing!? I wasn’t disappointed. Well, not too disappointed at least.

Quick Fix Total Cardio Kick (2004)

Pretty good for a quick kickboxing workout!

Where I Got This DVD: The library
Length: Approx. 45 min. (workout is 30 min.)
Workouts: three 10-min. workouts, each with a different focus—upper body, lower body, and cardio core
Instructor: Janis Saffell
Team: Evy and Andrea (modifier)

Upper Body

  • A great intro to kickboxing without being too boring
  • All upper body, punching-focused
  • Moves include: jab, cross, hook, upper, speed bag, jacks, short easy combos

Lower Body

  • All kicking, lower body-focused work
  • Moves include: front kicks, roundhouse kicks, jumping jacks, light punches, outer thigh work, and squats

Cardio Core

  • A good little workout that includes a lot of twisty abness like punches and knees
  • No kicks in this segment

Instructor: I have a new girl instructor crush. Not only is Janis beautiful and strong-looking without being too skinny or ripped, but she’s a great instructor. Her cueing is really good and she has an easy-to-listen-to voice.
Moves: Pretty simple and basic, but a few good combos. Nothing too hardcore.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Buy It?: This DVD is much more intense if you add ankle and/or hand weights (which I did on my second time doing it!), however, with no added weight, I would consider this DVD to be lower-intensity kickboxing. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it a lot and it got my heart rate up, but I wasn’t sweating when I was done. I like the workouts and the fact that each is 10 minutes long because they really do fly by. If you’re looking for a quick, intense workout, though, this DVD isn’t it. This DVD is good for a quick, not-too-crazy-hard workout or for those who are newer to exercise or kickboxing.


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