Gilad Step Aerobics (2005)

Posted: December 8, 2011 in DVD Reviews

First of all, this can’t be from 2005. Amazon must be lying. Because the spandex… the Baywatch-like onesies the women are wearing… that is definitely 1990s jazz right there.

Okay, so why I tried this DVD: I had to sub for a Step class and had never taught one before. So yes, fitness instructors do study and practice in order to teach. Welcome to our world. I chose Gilad because 1) he has a lot of videos and I had yet to try one, and 2) it was the only Step one there. Win? Sure.


Gilad Step Aerobics (2005)


Mmm, spandex.

Where I Got This DVD: The library
Length: Approx. 60 min.
Instructor: Gilad Janklowicz
Team: 2 ladies and 2 men (although the old dude is barely ever shown… poor guy)


  • Best, corniest intro ever! Gilad is definitely running down the beach, Rocky-style, in spandex. And there is a parrot.
  • Warm-up: all off-the-step moves; simple things like step touches; some static stretching though (BOOO!)
  • The workout itself is about 40 minutes long and is broken up into four 10-minute parts, each segment works on a new combo, building off the last and increasing intensity.
  • Gilad’s instructions are really good—he’s easy to follow.
  • The moves are pretty basic (basic step, V-step, step-knee, repeater, A-step, etc.) and great for beginners, but they still give you a great workout, especially if you have a higher step and because Gilad moves into a few hopping parts (I was definitely dripping sweat with two risers!).
  • Ends with a few minutes of abs. I definitely felt it!


Instructor: Gilad is great. I was nervous at first (spandex and accents make me a little nervous when it comes to male fitness instructors, not going to lie), but he’s a great teacher who cues with enough time and talks just enough. The combinations he put together are really good, too.
Moves: Simple/basic, but effective and progressively building.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced (heck, you could hold hand weights or put on ankle weights to make it tougher!)
Buy It?: Do you like Step aerobics? Do you need a sub-45 minute workout that you can do at home? Scared to rock the Step classes at the gym because of all the turns? Try this DVD. I genuinely liked it. Would I do it every day? No. Once every week or two? Probably. I seriously recommend it for: those who are new to Step; Steppers who want an at-home workout; and instructors prepping to teach a Step class.


*After looking into it more, the VHS has a 2001 date, which, okay, that’s more realistic than 2005, but I still think this video is old school.


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