5 Day Fit Yoga (2009)

Posted: November 30, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I have had a good experience with a Gaiam yoga DVD, so I figured I should try another, especially since I’ve been busy and stressed lately. I hadn’t tried before done any DVDs with either of these instructors, plus, don’t the yoga workouts included sound so Zen and body-altering? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

5 Day Fit Yoga (2009)

Zen, indeed.

Where I Got This DVD: The library
Length: Approx. 130 minutes
Workouts: AM Peak Performance, PM Peak Performance, AM Yoga for Weight Loss, PM Yoga for Weight Loss, Stress Relief Yoga
Instructors: Suzanne Deason and Rod Stryker

*Note: They use a block, a band (/strap/towel), and a chair intermittently throughout the DVD. You don’t have to have them, but they are used.


AM Peak Performance

  • Rod leads this one and I’m sorry, but right away I noticed the tight biker shorts. I can’t help but giggle a little.
  • He moves pretty quick, but his instructions are helpful and smooth. His clear yet relaxing  voice helps, too.
  • This workout focuses on you being in-tune with your body, which was hard for me.
  • Moves include: downward dog, chair, triangle, warrior, lunge, plank, cobra, locust, lots of stretching.
  • Not really sure what “peak performance” was supposed to mean, though…


PM Peak Performance

  • Suzanne leads this workout; her voice and instructions aren’t as soothing to me.
  • Moves include: bending, side angle, lunge, downward dog, car, forward bend, arm stretches, quad and hamstring and hip stretches, and bridges
  • As with the AM workout, I’m not really sure what makes this “peak performance.”


AM Yoga for Weight Loss

  • Led by Rod.
  • Lots of bending and breathing—pretty stereotypical when you think of yoga.
  • Moves include: cat, chair modifier, downward dog, odd lying poses, and lots of relaxing poses.


PM Yoga for Weight Loss

  • Led by Suzanne.
  • Similar to the AM Yoga for Weight Loss and AM Peak Performance workouts.
  • Other moves included: seated twists, a few crunches, seated stretches, and low back stretches.


Stress Relief Yoga

  • Led by Suzanne—get ready for a very in-your-mind workout.
  • Moves include: child’s pose, downward dog, lunge, cat.
  • She uses a strap for stretching.
  • I didn’t find Suzanne’s voice calming at all in this segment and I felt like there were too many directions.


Instructor: I liked Rod better than Suzanne. His voice was just more calm and soothing to me.
Moves: They were pretty basic yoga moves, but started to get too redundant.
Best Workout: AM Yoga for Weight Loss
Worst: Stress Relief Yoga
Intensity Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Buy It?: I’m going to say pass on this DVD. Yep, just like that. It all got too repetitive for me and because I wasn’t a huge fan of Suzanne, it’s not worth buying to me. Sure, a few of the workouts are fine, but that’s just it—they’re fine, not great. I like my yoga to be a little more lunge-y, pose-y, feel-it-burn-y-as-you-stretch-y and I didn’t feel that with this one. In fact, I got bored. And fast-forwarded through some parts. There I said it.


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