Motivation Monday

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Articles, Inspiring People, Music, Quotes, S&S Tips&Tricks


It is now officially the beginning of holiday week #1 and this is when you need to challenge yourself—you need to stay motivated through the hours of baking, cooking, mingling, eating, and drinking. So… What gets you going?

I have a few things that help me stay motivated and/or get me moving:

  1. Work out first thing in the morning—it’s not always easy to get up and going, but once I do, I feel so much better afterward.
  2. Vow to eat only whole, raw, vegan foods for breakfast and lunch. What’s that look like? Fruits, veggies, nuts, cereal, and tea or coffee. No milk. (Guess what? I’m actually doing this today and tomorrow. See! I don’t lie about what I try to do to stay healthy.)
  3. Just get to the gym. For example, yesterday I took a nap and was extremely tired when my alarm went off at 4pm. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but I got up and made myself put on my workout clothes on because I told myself that after I stopped at the library, I was going to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill while reading my ACE personal training manual. What ended up happening? I walked about 5 miles and ran another 3.6! (I won’t lie, this was, in part, thanks to the gym having Fox Soccer Channel and my favorite European soccer team playing against my least favorite team. So I watched that while I ran!) Getting to the gym and starting is the hardest, but once you’re there, you don’t want to walk out after 10 minutes, so you end up staying… and usually pushing yourself hard because people are watching you 🙂
  4. Music. If I’m feeling down or tired or unmotivated, I play one of my favorite workout songs. I instantly start dancing and want to get my booty to the gym.
  5. Read an inspiring story or some health and fitness articles. Sounds weird, but reading words makes me want to turn them into action.

I may not be able to give you much here on this page when it comes to numbers 1-3, but I can for numbers 4 and 5.

Music Makes You Lose Control
Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm
Seventeen Forever by Metro Station
Lucky Star by Basement Jaxx ft. Dizzee Rascal


Word Nerd
*I truly believe all of these and really do read them myself! Just remember, everything really worth having is worth fighting for… and you need to put up a really hard fight sometimes… boxing gloves optional 🙂

“It will hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to the max. There will be temptation. But, I promise you, when you reach your goal, it’s worth it.”

“Do not throw in the towel; use it for wiping the sweat off your face.”

“You can always do more than you think you can. Don’t be afraid to push yourself.”

“Sweat is fat crying.”

“Strong is the new skinny.”


Read & Learn
Ever wondered what fit folks’ “secrets” to looking like that are? Honestly… plain ‘ole willpower and hard work: “Seven Habits of Highly Fit People” 

Why you need to strength-train and why you end up burning more and looking better (especially women!) when you lift it regularly: “How Many Calories Does Muscle Really Burn… And Why It’s Not About Calories Anyway”

What’s one thing that every health, nutrition, and fitness expert agrees on?: “ The #1 Trick Every Expert Agrees On”


Real People, Real Tips, Real Success, Real Happiness
These identical twin sisters are rocking the fitness world in a fun, healthy way.

I like this woman. Not only is the name of her blog awesome, but her mantra is “Cuz real girls sweat!” Yes, yes we do. A lot, too. Whoa.

This woman got healthy the right way and for the right reasons and I love it.

How the word “fat” hurts and this guy’s side of the story.

  1. “Sweat is fat crying.” – Oh that’s good, I likey!

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