Foodalicious Friday

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Recipes


Seriously, how good does this pumpkin dip look!? Oh man... Thank you, Pinterest!

There are certain things I’m not good at and cooking is one of them. Have you noticed yet thanks to my A) super simple recipes, and B) lack of recipes? Yeah… sorry about that. Truth is, eating as many whole foods as I do, I rarely do any real cooking. In fact, even for holidays like Thanksgiving, I rarely help with the cooking. I prefer to do the clean-up since I’m more of a nuisance than a helper in the cooking process. (Yeah… sorry, Mom and Rach!)

So, rather than pretend I’m awesome at finding recipes and then cooking said recipes, I’m going to post links to treats that I would eat and/or actually think I could make for a healthier, yet still delicious holiday party.

(Thanks to all of my favorite health and fitness magazines and Pinterest, which yes, I have now fallen victim to…)


So… Don’t be shy… What’s your favorite lighter, healthier holiday recipes? Share your knowledge!


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