Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped Full Throttle (2007)

Posted: November 17, 2011 in DVD Reviews

This is the last DVD in the pack that I bought off Amazon. No lying upfront, though—I was disappointed.

Funny side-note: Fit Bottomed Girls (another good fitness blog) has an interview with Billy posted today.

Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped Full Throttle (2007)

Oh Billy and you're amplier... and your spandex... oh, oh my...

Where I Got This DVD: Amazon
Length: Approx. 55 min.
Workouts: Kickboxing, Athletic Interval, Retro Aerobics, Cardio Dance
Instructor: Billy Blanks
Team: Shellie and the usual team

  • The warm-up was okay… nothing great, and there were too many static stretches. (Not good!)
  • Billy doesn’t teach as a mirror, so when he says “left hand,” he’s using his left, which will look opposite to you. It’s kind of annoying.
  • The amplified thing is annoying as heck! It is not easy to up (I ended up ditching it for hand weights).
  • “Full Throttle” means doing 8 sets of “amping up” each move.
  • There were a lot of non-kickboxing moves like bicep curls and shoulder presses and I’m not sure why they were in there—Billy’s supposed to be all about kickboxing!
  • I hated the helicopters with the lunges—I think it’s a bad move because the movement isn’t very safe.
  • Overall, the moves were more intense than the previous DVDs in the pack, but it wasn’t kickboxing, it was more like strength training on speed.
  • Ended with a cool down of stretching.

Instructor: Billy’s getting old. (Especially for the brightly-colored spandex onesies he still sports!) Not that he really looks it, but he’s just not as vivacious as he used to be and he repeats the same phrases over and over and OVER. It’s really too much.
Moves: Disappointing, boring, not kickboxing.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Intermediate—depends if you use weights or the amp and how hardcore you go during the Full Throttle sections.
Buy It?: No. I’m sorry, I love old school BB and all of his beginning kickboxing stuff. This DVD was just… not for those wanting to kickbox. I suppose as a DVD that’s cardio-y with some basic, light-weight strength moves, yeah, it was okay. But I wanted real jumping, kicking, punching kickboxing. Skip it if you want a kickboxing workout.


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