Quick Fix – Stability Ball Workout (2002)

Posted: November 10, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I had never heard of this workout series before, plus it was quick and I’ve never done a DVD focused on the stability ball (and I loves me the stability ball!) so I gave it a go. It was a big W, too!

Quick Fix – Stability Ball Workout (2002)

Don't let the innocent look of this cover deceive you, it's tough!

Where I Got This DVD: The library
Length: Approx. 35 min.
Workouts: Lower Body, Upper Body, Abs
Instructor: Keli Roberts (WOO! I met her!)
Team: Tanya (the modified) and Lisa-Ann

Note: You need a stability ball and two different sets of weights (a light and heavy set).


Lower Body

  • Holy great moves! One-legged squats while rolling the ball out front with the opposite foot; two- and one-leg bridges with your feet on the ball—add a ball-roll in, too; and leg lifts with the ball
  • The one-leg bridges while pulling the ball in was amazingly tough… and awesome!


Upper Body

  • I used 5lb. weights the whole way through
  • A series of chest presses, bicep curls, tricep presses, reverse flies (great move!), and pushups with your feet on the ball



  • Included the low back, too
  • Awesome section—moves were tough but extremely practical
  • Moves: regular crunches, cross punches for obliques, low back lifts (supermans on the ball), roll-out into plank (whoa!), and roll-out into plank with a pike (WHOA!)


Instructor: Keli’s a brilliant instructor. She speaks at a good pace, cues on-time, does enough reps per set to work you, and explains how and why the moves work. Plus she’s got a great accent and an amazing body in this DVD.
Moves: A great variety of basic moves and ones I’ve never tried that included multiple muscle groups.
Best Workout: Abs
Worst: None of them!
Intensity Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?: You definitely need some core strength to do these moves without completely flopping over, but it’s a DVD that works you no matter if you’re a three-day-a-week exerciser or a personal trainer. The DVD goes by quickly and there’s even a countdown clock in the lower right corner so you know how much longer you have. The moves themselves are challenging, but not impossible, and I worked up a sweat in just 30 minutes while sitting on a stability ball. I was impressed and finished excited that I had learned some news moves.


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