SHAPE Best-Ever Hollywood Workout (2010)

Posted: October 18, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I bought this DVD for a few reasons: 1) I really like the magazine SHAPE; 2) if you read any fitness magazines or any column about an actress who has slimmed down thanks to a trainer, you’re bound to hear Gunnar Peterson’s name; and 3) really… the BEST-EVER workout? Hmmm… I’ve always wondered what Gunnar’s workouts were like… Are they tough? Super hardcore? How long? Body-weight-focused? Plyometrics? Weight-training? And now that I create my own workouts, how do mine stack up?  I had to find out.

SHAPE Best-Ever Hollywood Workout (2010)

One of the many SHAPE magazine DVDs... Was it really the best-ever? Ehh...

Where I Got This DVD: Bought it at Meijer
Length: Approx. 60 min.
Workouts: Total Body Toning, Power Burn, Amazing Arms, and Lower Body Blast
Instructor: Gunnar Peterson

Note: I used 5lb. weights. You could rock heavier weights for a harder workout.

Total Body Toning (Approx. 20 min.)

  • Dynamic stretching and static stretching at the beginning—here comes the BOOOO!
  • Moves include: squats, pushups with weights and rows, bicycles, plank with one leg, bride with chest flies, regular crunches, squat with shoulder press on toes, side lunge with press in the opposite direction (hay bailer), woodchops, oblique crunch with a knee-in, plank with twisting knee-in, skater’s lunge with tricep extension, prison squat with weight
  • Cool down stretch
  • Best move: side-lying oblique crunch with opposite knee-in
  • Other best part is when he says “Keep it honest.” I really like that phrase.
  • Overall workout was only about 15 min. long and it was just okay because each exercise is only one set long (one set is 8-12 reps).
  • There’s a break between each move and so I barely got sweaty.


Power Burn (Approx. 20 min.)

  • Starts with stretching—BOOOO!
  • Moves include: two ab moves, woodchops, suitcase squats, variety of little jumps, lunges, staggered hand pushups, shoulder press with turn, twist crunch with weight, step and reach and lateral raise, curtsy squat with a leg raise, one-leg bicep curl, superman with weight, close-grip pushups, twisting knee-ins, sumo squats with weighted raise, Russian twists
  • Cool down stretch
  • I was disappointed that the moves repeated a bit… and by the low number of reps and sets… and that the workout was only 15-min-ish.


Amazing Arms (Approx. 10 min.)

  • Moves include: overhead tricep extension, bent-over palm-up tricep extemsion, close-hand pushups, one-leg bicep curl, wide bicep curl, hammer curl, lateral shoulder raise,Arnold press, and rear deltoid raise
  • Man, I got sweatier during this workout than the total body workouts.


Lower Body Blast (Approx. 10 min.)

  • No weights were used during this workout.
  • Starts with a stretch—boooo!
  • Moves include: squats, bridge, one-leg bridge, squat jumps, stretch!? Whaaat!?, single-leg bend and reach, curtsy, squat and reach extension, stretch again!?
  • Whaaat no lunges!? Goo.Ber.
  • I was really disappointed in the poor move selections.


Instructor: Gunnar was cool. He seemed like a personable guy and a friendly trainer. The kind of trainer that you do everything he says for fear of disappointing him, not being yelled at.
Moves: When I first did this DVD, I liked the variety of moves because they were ones that I didn’t usually do. However, the more I’ve done this DVD the more I realize how meh it is.
Best Workout: Amazing Arms
Worst: Lower Body Blast
Intensity Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Buy It?: If you’re newer to weight-lifting or need a tweak to your basic routine, then you should at least try this DVD. It is nice for a quick add-on to your running routine or as something to do before work and/or during lunch. If you’re in the higher-intermediate to advanced group or lift on a regular, pretty hardcore basis, I would skip this one.

  1. I like this DVD b/c it’s quick and easy, and since I hadn’t really used weights in workouts it was a nice way to slowly get into it.

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