September Round-Up

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Monthly Recaps

I can't kick quite this high, but man, do I love me some kickboxing!

This past weekend was action-packed with fitness. I taught BODYPUMP for this first time, walked around a new town with my friend, and took a Turbo Kick certification course all day on Sunday (and dropped my phone in the toilet at lunch… boo…).

What I learned this weekend: That kickboxing (Turbo Kick for sure) motivates me. There’s something about a solid beat and kicking and punching that makes me want to move and leaves me dancing on top of a cloud of happiness.

What workout motivates you? Is it a DVD? A routine a trainer put together or you? A game? A specific workout class at your gym?
If you can believe it (I’m still trying to), it’s already October. The leaves are changing and falling, and I don’t feel like I’ve had time to properly appreciate them. But, we must walk/run forward. Here’s the wrap-up from September. Think of it as my summary of what you need to read and do.

Best Motivation Monday: Quotes. Who doesn’t need a little push or a mantra.

Best Foodalicious Friday: Apples. Mhmmm apples…

DVD Choice of the Month: P90X Core Synergistics. A new take on working your core while adding in some cardio.


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