10-Minute Yoga with Holly Mosier (2011)

Posted: October 5, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I read about Holly Mosier on a fitness blog that I check out regularly and realized that I needed to contact her. So I did. And she was awesome—she sent me her book Stress Less, Weigh Less and her yoga DVD.

I’ve been reading the book (albeit, slowly, since I’ve been working roughly 12-hour days), and I immediately did her yoga DVD. It was perfect timing—I’d been needing a change-up to my yoga DVDs and wanted something different. Thank you, Holly!
10-Minute Yoga with Holly Mosier (2011)

Holly's got some impressive yogi skills.

Where I Got This DVD: Holly Mosier and crew—thanks everyone!
Length: About an hour, but the workouts themselves are only 10 minutes each
Workouts: Beginner’s Sequence, Intermediate Sequence, and Advanced Sequence
Instructor: Holly Mosier

Note: The DVD includes a whole heap of extras: How to Use This DVD, Individual Yoga Poses, About Holly, and a Disclaimer.

Beginner’s Sequence

  • Very chill—the music, the scenery, it’s all calming
  • Moves: downward dog, child’s pose, cobra, up dog, corpse
  • You really focus on your breathing

Intermediate Sequence

  • This sequence includes and inversion… aka… a handstand… hmm… that struck me as more than intermediate, but okay… I’ve never done a handstand before, let alone tried a yoga DVD with one…
  • Moves: downward dog, full sun salutations, camel, half Lord of the Fishes, handstand, corpse

Advanced Sequence

  • Okay, so this sequence includes a headstand. Yes. Head. Stand. Whoa. I tried it… and failed miserably, giggling as I slumped down the wall. Oh well, I’ll keep trying…
  • Moves: Lord of the Fishes with an arm bind, headstand, corpse
  • This is definitely more advanced… I felt a bit uncomfy with some of the moves, but hey, nothing wrong with going out of my comfort zone, right?

Instructor: Holly is awesome. Her voice is deeper than I imagined (I couldn’t help but hear her with a high-pitched voice to match the bouncy blonde curls in my head!) and it’s very soothing. She does a good job of walking you through each pose and builds off one or two poses so the whole routine flows. I enjoyed her as an instructor.
Moves: From the “everyday” yoga moves to more advanced—a good range.
Best Workout: Intermediate
Worst: Advanced, solely because I couldn’t do it all as well as my perfectionist side would have liked 🙂
Intensity Level: Semi-Beginner to Advanced
Buy It?: Do you want to go from mild-yogi to more intense yogi without spending hours in a studio all week? Or are you a yoga lover who needs quick workouts for your post-run days? Try this DVD. If you’re a super beginner yogi, I would pass and try something more basic.


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