P90X Core Synergistics

Posted: September 21, 2011 in DVD Reviews

No need for an introduction, really. I’m moving my way through reviewing the P90X DVDs. I like this one because who doesn’t want to work their core beyond doing straight-up cardio and crunches!?

P90X Core Synergistics

This ain't your everday crunches.

Where I Got This DVD: A friend gave it to me
Length: Approx. 57 min.
Instructor: Tony Horton
Team: Pam, Dreya, and Adam

Note: Weights or bands (I had my 5s and 10s out) needed and time clock along bottom of screen

  • Warm-up for about 6 min. – includes stretching 😦
  • 3 min. of real moving warm-up (running-in-place and jumping jacks)
  • 3 more min. of stretching—not very happy about this—it’s too soon!
  • Moves include: pushups (staggered hands), banana rolls, leaning crescent lunges, squat run, sphinx pushups, bow to boat, low lateral skaters, lunge and reach, prison cell pushups, side hip raise, squat X press, plank to chaturanga run, walking pushups, superman banana, lunge kickback curl press, towel hopping, reach high and under pushups, steam engine,
    Dreya roll, plank to chaturanga, halfback, and table dip leg raises
  • Cool down (about 5 min.) – stretching and shaking it out
  • I liked how not every move used weights and that there were a lot of different kinds of pushups (pushups rock my world!)
  • It’s also nice that everything goes by time, not reps so you can push yourself as hard as you want
  • The 57 min. includes 2 water breaks
  • I definitely got sweaty!

Instructor: Tony’s a talker and it gets annoying (this is and will always be my #1 complaint about him), but the team is really cool and hardcore. Tony knows what he’s doing, which is obviously big, and I like how he designed this workout to be more than just standing and lying on the mat crunches.
Moves: A great mix of non-traditional ab moves mixed with cardio. Me gustan (I liked).
Best Workout: The pushups and Dreya rolls were the best/hardest.
Worst: Low lateral skaters and squat runs were the most meh.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced
Buy It?: The nice thing about these workouts is that they were all for any and all workout levels. If you’re newer to this stuff, you can start without weights and do only a few reps at a time. If you’re more advanced, you can use heavier weights and push yourself to beat your number of reps each time. I like how this workout isn’t just standing ab work or mat work, too—it’s refreshing to have a core workout that really involves your core in a sense of actual movement paths (squatting for things, twisting, turning, reaching, etc.). It is definitely a more real-life workout in a sense that the exercises mimic things we do every day moreso than straight-up crunches. I do think you should check out this DVD—it’s a good one especially because core strength is so important.


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