The Biggest Loser: The Workout—30-Day Jumpstart (2009)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I will admit my fault at the beginning: The title “30-Day Jumpstart” made me think, “Oh good, a nice, semi-challenging Biggest Loser DVD to cross off the Need-To-Review list.” Yeah, um, this wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be… and that’s a good thing!

The Biggest Loser: The Workout—30-Day Jumpstart (2009)

This is no easy-squeezy workout!

Where I Got This DVD: The library
Length: Approx. 55 min. (50 min. worth of workouts)
Workouts: There are 5 workouts, each is 10 min. long: Cardio Level 1, Cardio Level 2, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abs
Instructors: Former Biggest Loser contestants Ali (the first female winner!), Sione, and Tara
Team: Anywhere from 3-5 other Biggest Loser contestants—Liz, Daniel, and/or Amanda were always the modifiers

Note: You actually need quite a few pieces of equipment—weights (I had 3lbs. and 5lbs.), a weighted ball (if you have one), a stability ball, resistance cords, and body bands.

Cardio Level 1:

  • Tara leads this 10 min. of short intervals followed by higher intensity blasts
  • Includes: jumping jacks, jump ropes, squat jacks, kicks, all kinds of skiers, plie jumps, high knees, mountain and climbers
  • Tara wasn’t very good at the start/stop cues
  • It was good stuff—they go fast and it ends up going by quickly
  • Ends with some stretches


Cardio Level 2:

  • Ali leads this one—her cueing is off, too
  • Need small weights and weighted ball for this segment because it’s more of a weight-using, combo-move segment then pure cardio
  • Includes: jumping jacks, punches, lunges, jump rope, running with a weight over your head and doing a tricep extension (tough stuff!), woodchops, and squats with the ball
  • Definitely got my heart pumping and a sweat going
  • Ends with stretches


Upper Body:

  • Sione leads this and literally leads—he doesn’t do most of the workouts
  • Need a stability ball and weights (I used 5 lbs.) for this segment
  • Using stability ball, moves include: rows, chest presses, bicep and hammer curls with one foot on ball as you roll it in (fun and new to me!), tricep extensions, alternating shoulder raises (one to the front, one to the side—ouch), and pushups with feet on the ball
  • I enjoyed this workout and got a better burn than I thought I would
  • Ends with stretches


Lower Body:

  • Ali leads this and you need heavier weights again (I used 5 lbs.) and resistance bands
  • Moves include: side squats, low squat jumps, lunges, curtsey squats, one-legged deadlifts, one-legged squats, move to floor—get on all fours and kick back with resistance bands
  • I got frustrated that I needed bands—the kind that have handles on both ends and you hook one to each hand and foot—too much equipment for me
  • Pretty good moves; Nothing special, but I felt it all
  • Ends with stretches



  • Tara and Sione lead this and you need a weight or your weighted ball
  • Moves include: standing crunch down as your knees come up, standing trunk rotation, T-stands, Russian twists, sit up with ball raise, modified bicycles, planks that move you from hands to forearms, and supermans
  • Ends with stretches—thank goodness because my shoulders were burning!



  • Gives you the power to create your own program with the 5 different workouts
  • Bob’s Motivational Tips:
    • Leave your comfort zones
    • Stop blaming
    • Change one habit at a time
    • Don’t go back to the way things used to be
    • Criticize no more
    • Fake it ‘til you make it—confidence that is
    • Replenish your soul—you need to take care of yourself
    • Don’t eat over it
    • Don’t think of it as “falling off the wagon,” it’s a trip
    • Start NOW! Don’t wait
    • Remember, you have the power
  • Bob’s Diet Tips:
    • Eat with awareness—acknowledge your eating habits and don’t see food as a reward
    • Hunger vs. cravings—remember food is fuel
    • French fry fanatic? Stay away from fried foods
    • Guaranteed filler—VEGETABLES!
    • Never say never to any food, just be an adult about the decisions you make
    • Fast food strategy—have one, like only getting a child’s size, eliminating the French fries, getting a salad with the dressing on the side, get a chicken sandwich, don’t ever have the special sauce, and take the bun off the burger
    • Eating Chinese—have brown rice, sauce on the side, nothing fried
    • Eating Italian—dressing on the side, have fish, no bread basket or pizza, cut pasta in half, and opt for the red sauce
    • Eating Mexican—choose black beans over refried, pick the fajitas, no fried or cheesy dishes
  • Training Tips—talks about the different equipment


Instructors: It was kind of fun to have former contestants lead these workouts. However, you can tell that they aren’t trainers (not a bad thing, necessarily). Ali wasn’t the best at cueing,
neither was Tara, and Tara talked a lot and it was almost too much “you can do it! I believe in you” for my taste, Sione said a few awkward things, and none of them did a very good job of working out while instructing (but, as I now know from personal experience, that’s not the easiest of tasks). But, they did a fine job when push came to shove.
Moves: Most of them are standard ones I’ve done before, but there were a few I hadn’t tried.
Best Workout: Cardio Level 2 or Upper Body
Worst: None of them would I deem “bad” or “the worst”
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced (just add more weight and reps for Advanced)
Buy It?: If you need a steady quick-and-straightforward workout, than this may be for you. It’s nice that each workout is only 10 min. long so you can do one at a time, if need be. Good for the time-crunched or those who are slowly getting back into exercise. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is a regular, more hardcore exerciser because it’s not that new and different from what you’re probably already doing. This DVD is definitely more for those who need help getting moving and staying motivated and mastering the basics of weightlifting.


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