Twist & Shout Tuesday

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Online WO Reviews

How does one come to realize they can do this?

I may not be a dancer, but I like to twist (especially to this song!).  And twisting is one of the best way to tone your abs. Why do you think DVD products like TurboJam and Hip Hop Abs have become so popular? Because trainers are finally telling people that doing 1000 crunches a day isn’t going to get you 6-pack abs (though some days I wish it was that simple!). Wash board abs come from a combo of cardio, ab work, weight-lifting, and a healthy diet. Yes… ALL of those things.

But. I do have favorite ab moves and most of them involve some kind of twisting. The Twist & Shout Tuesday moves of the day are:

  • Russian Twist 
  • Corkscrew (Pilates-esque!) 
  • Medicine Ball Against a Wall (I like to do these will I lie with my lower back on a stability ball and I sit up and rotate slightly as I throw the ball against the wall) 
  • Stability Ball Twist 
  • Plank Roll-In (I do this after I’ve done a set of pushups with my feet on the stability ball—holy burn!) 
  • Punch and Knee Combo: Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart and start punching (left, right, left, right—crossing your body). Once you get the rhythm of the punches, slowly bring your left knee up and across toward your right elbow as you punch right. As your knee returns to the ground, punch with your left hand, then your right, then as you punch again with your left hand, lift and twist that right knee in toward your left elbow. As your right knee returns to the ground, punch with your right hand, then left, then as your right hand goes out, your left knee comes up. So it goes punch, punch, punch with opposite knee, punch, punch, punch with opposite knee…

Throw any and all of these twisting ab exercises into your cardio and weight-lifting routine and aim for 10-50 reps per set, enough to feel the burn. These are great moves to pair with cardio to create an interval workout because each of these twist moves work well with weights or a ball, increasing your heart rate, which burns more calories overall and helps you sculpt more that doing just cardio will.


Twist and then send me a Shout about which move(s) are your favorite!

  1. I like to do Pigeon pose…really stetches out my hips. And who doesn’t love Child’s pose?!

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