Georges St. Pierre Rushfit – Strength & Endurance Workout (2011)

Posted: August 24, 2011 in DVD Reviews

After a wonderful, went-too-fast, I-want-to-go-back, vacation, I am back to reality and ready to get back to you guys. So hi! And here’s a DVD review for your Wednesday 🙂

Georges St. Pierre is a professional MMA fighter. Need we say more as to why I was interested in trying this DVD? I have such an appreciation for MMA and fall into a girly super-crush for anything to do with fighting workouts. Yeah, I know how that sounds and I’m okay with it.

Georges St. Pierre Rushfit – Strength & Endurance Workout (2011)

Work out like an MMA fighter? Yes, please!

Where I Got This DVD: Georges’ camp—thanks guys!
Length: Approx. 100 min. – actual workout is only about 35-40 min. long
Workouts: Foundation Moves and the actual Workout
Instructor: Eric (Georges’ trainer) and Georges
Team: Patrick and Lisa

Note: I used two sets of dumbbells—5s and 10s.

Foundation Moves:
Eric and Georges run through how to properly do squats, lunges, pushups, sit-ups, back extensions, rotations, core activation, burpees, and then they run through how to do each with dumbbells. They whole thing is really lengthy (I fast-forwarded through it all) and Eric talks way too much. This is a solid half of the DVD right here. Yikes.


  • 11 min. long consisting of 10 one-minute exercises
  • Good stuff like lunges, squats, sit-ups, trunk rotations, etc.
  • I definitely got warmed up and a little sweat starting to form

Round 1 (5:10):

  • This round focused on using your body weight
  • Moves: air squats, iso squats, hands-off pushups, back extensions, and pop-ups
  • You do each move for 60 sec.
  • I couldn’t do the pop-ups very well (jumping from your knees to your feet) and I definitely worked hard
  • Active rest – Georges and Eric talk

Round 2 (5:02):

  • Same format as Round 1
  • Moves: air squats, squat thrusts, pushups, burpees, and side planks
  • Hello, heavy breathing!

Round 3 (5:35):

  • Use weights during this round
  • Moves: lateral lunges, rotating overhead presses, rotating bent-over rows, upright rows, rotating curls
  • You do two rounds of each move for 30 sec. each
  • This round was tough!

Round 4 (5:10):

  • Same format as Round 3
  • Moves: around the world, one-leg single-arm rows, diagonal presses, single-arm swings, dumbbell high pulls

Round 5 (5:28):

  • Same format as Rounds 3 and 4
  • Moves: twisting floor press, half get-up, prone alternating dumbbell row
  • Holy the half get-ups. You do each move for 1 min. and it. Burns. Like. Heck. Whoa.

Cool Down (6:46):

  • Everyone’s outfits changed… Hmm… And is that a different woman? I think so…
  • Lots of hip stretching emphasis


Instructor: Eric talks WAY too much. Sure, he explains everything well, but he’s too thorough. To the point where I was thinking, “Shut up and let me work out already!” Georges throws in some funny one-liners about working out hard and all that good stuff. I like his accent.
Moves: The moves are different than I thought in the way that you don’t punch or kick at all, you literally work out. But for the most part, I liked how the rounds were structured and I liked the moves a lot.
Intensity Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?: If you’re looking for a quick workout that’s going to incorporate cardio and strength training sans heavy lifting, you’ll like this DVD. It’s challenging and different than the Jillian Michaels’ and Bob Harper DVDs that are out there, and I say that in a good way. However, if burpees and jumping aren’t your thing, or if you get annoyed by too much instruction, you may want to pass. I’ll definitely be working out to this again, especially because it’s rounds structure is easy to mix and match with other exercises.


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