Jillian Michaels – The Biggest Winner – Maximize Back in Action (2005)

Posted: August 17, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Just a heads-up, I’m going on vacation tomorrow through Monday, so chances are that I won’t post again until at least Monday.

All right. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed this series and I forgot how much I liked it. It’s a great length, incorporates combination moves, and gives me some good ideas for my classes 🙂

Jillian Michaels – The Biggest Winner – Maximize Back in Action (2005)

This workout doesn't focus solely on your back...

Where I Got This DVD: Bought it as part of a pack.
Length: Approx. 26 min.
Workouts: Warm-Up, Workout (2 rounds), Cool Down
Instructor: Jillian Michaels
Team: Erin (modifier), Jonathan, Nick, and Brenda

Note: They use a step (which I had and used), but you can do the workout without a step. Weights are required, too. I had 3lbs. and 5lbs.


  • 2 sets of 4 exercises: butt kicks, high knees, side-to-side jumps, and jumping jacks
  • You do 30 reps of each


Round 1:

  • You do 2 sets of each move, 10-20 reps per move
  • Moves include: morning glories, jumping lunges, box jumps, fast feet, plank twists, double cross-over step-ups, one-leg bent-over rows, double crunches, side lunges with bicep curls, reverse planks with leg raises, and burpees
  • The box jumps and reverse planks were the toughest—whoa baby!


Round 2:

  • Same deal as Round 1
  • Moves include: dumbbell pull-overs, butt kicks to ceiling while on hands and knees, one-leg bridges, box lunges with hammer curls, mountain climbers, rows, and side plank raises


Cool Down: stretching


Instructor: Jill’s okay in this one. She’s not super annoying, but she talks a lot. She’s good at explaining the moves, though, which I guess is most important.
Moves: Pretty good mix of the usuals and a few that I don’t do on a regular basis.
Best Workout: Round 1 is better/tougher
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced—light weights and the modifier (Erin) make this work for beginners and adding the step and heavier weights makes this a more advanced.
Buy It?: I’ve already talked about this, but I like this set of DVDs. As for this particular one, I like it because you get cardio and weights, can modify it to be easier or harder, and even though it’s quick, I still sweat and breathe pretty hard. I’ve done it a ton of times, but I can still challenge myself when I do it (by adding more weight or reps or little things in between). This is great for those who want it all—weights, cardio, a challenge—in about a half an hour. Jill’s not the ideal trainer, but hey, the workout is what matters in the end.


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