Dance with Julianne: Just Dance! (2010)

Posted: August 16, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I’m not much of a dancer. I rock the sprinkler and a few other signature moves. As for rhythm? I have none and am okay with it, though I definitely think dancing is amazing in all respects – phsyically and emotionally – and let’s be honest, it’s sexy. So I requested this DVD from a fitness DVD company because 1) I think Julianne is hot (yep, girl confession); 2) I can’t dance a lick, but I would love to have rhythm; 3) I’m all about trying something new because I know some of you guys like to dance and want to know what those DVDs are like. Here’s my recap!

Dance with Julianne: Just Dance! (2010)

If I could look as good as Julianne does dancing, I'd probably do it every day.

Where I Got This DVD: Sent by a fitness DVD company
Length: Approx. 53 min.
Workouts: Tips section and 3 workouts within the dancing portion
Instructor: Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars
Team: Jasmine and Serjey (sp?)—Jasmine’s the modifier

Note: If you’re not much of a dancer, I suggest watching the Tips section first. Julianne breaks down a few of the more complex moves that she does in the workouts.


  • It was dance-y (go figure!) and good—I felt my body start to get ready


Work It Dance:

  • Make sure you have enough space to go forward, back, left, and right at least 3 big steps
  • This is a fun workout—Julianne breaks it down into segments and then slowly puts it together in chunks until you’re doing the whole routine
  • If it hadn’t been so hot out (I did this during the one of 100-degree humid days) and I wasn’t sweating so much, I would’ve felt super sexy
  • Warning: Julianne makes everything look sexy and you may get jealous


Flaunt It Dance:

  • The turns in this workout were hard—not very friendly to my knees
  • Combines some moves too fast and I got lost and had to rewind
  • This one is more confusing and hard because of the leg crosses and turns


Pump It Dance:

  • This segment is more jumpy and lunge-y and my knees became a little sore
  • Lots of standing ab work!
  • So… I’m pretty sure Julianne couldn’t count very well though…
  • More hip-hop-y


Cool Down:

  • Stretching, folding


Instructor: Julianne is gorgeous, sexy, bubbly, and actually a pretty good instructor—which, I guess I hope she is seeing as she essentially used to teach people how to dance on the show! She’s all about making it fun and feminine, while also giving you a workout, and other than the counting issues, she does a good job. I wasn’t bothered by her at all. Just jealous.
Moves: Everything from twists and turns, to knee ins to salsa to hip hop, and other dance moves I’m not even going to try to name.
Best Workout: I liked the Work It routine best, followed by the Pump It one.
Worst: Flaunt it was a little too confusing for me…
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced (it was a challenged for an “advanced” exerciser like me solely because I’m not used to dancing, so it was a fun change!)
Buy It?: Do you like to dance? Do you like learning routines? Do you like/want dancing to be one of your main workouts during the week? Then you’ll like this DVD. If you’re looking for a change, rent it, don’t buy it. I can’t see myself doing this workout on a regular basis, but it’s fun to have if I’m feeling girly (maybe I’ll try it again and feel more sexy when the heat and humidity breaks!).


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