Motivation Monday!

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Articles, Music

Do you think he has to custom-order his shirts?

Hi everyone! Good weekends all around, I hope? It was a great one here in beautiful West Michigan. I ran the local 10K that I had been training for and successfully ran it in 53:10. I was proud of that because not only did I run alone, but it was hot, humid, and there were a good 5 hills in there. Luckily, I live in/around the course so I was able to train on some of the hills, but man, they were tough. It was a great run and I’m very glad I did it. A big congrats to all of my friends who ran the 5K/10K, too!

If you’re like me, summer means a weird variety of foods. You’ve got the great in-season summer veggies and fruits that are delicious, but you also have beer, burgers, ice cream, and carnival food.  So you’re getting sick of the heavy, greasy foods and you want to eat healthier, but where do you start? Try starting like I did: I created a goal to eat as many whole foods as possible during the day. Some days I rock it. Some days aren’t as easy. It’s true, though—a better diet does help with your fitness goals. Here’s a breakdown of a few all-star athlete’s diets and where you can start in the grocery store.

Motivation in the form of gym accessories? Yes, please!

You don’t need a gym to get a great workout! Here’s my article on the best no-equipment-needed exercises. Yeah, that’s right, your body is its own gym. Woo!

Pump Up the Jams:
(I promise I’m not obsessed with this band, but these songs are great for working out!)
Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy
I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy (Oh and this video is hilarious :))

My Pick for WOW! Person of the Week:
Another 80/10/10 athlete who swears by his diet! Sure, he may be a bit extreme, but you have to admire the dedication… and acknowledge the fact that his way of life (at least his diet) is really how we all should be eating.

  1. charlotte says:

    Congrats on the great 10K!! Off to check out that fitness accessories link now… 😉

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