Piloxing with Viveca Jensen (2010)

Posted: July 27, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I first heard of this workout from, *sigh*, Hailey Duff. She was quoted in one of my fitness mags a while ago and mentioned staying in shape with Piloxing, a combo of boxing and Pilates. Hmm… that peaked my interest! I love boxing and Pilates challenges me like no other, so a combo of the two had to be amazing. What a brilliant idea! I forgot about it, naturally, but was reminded of it when I saw a more recent mention of it in a fitness mag. The cover model (someone famous, of course) said she rocked Piloxing and loved it. I did some research and thought, dang, this really is for me. So I contacted Viveca Jensen’s gang (the creator) and they sent me the DVD to try. Woohoo!

Piloxing with Viveca Jensen (2010)

Viveca Jensen: A Swedish treat!

Where I Got This DVD: Viveca Jensen and company—thank you bunches!
Length: Approx. 60 min.
Workouts: Piloxing for about 50 min. then mat work for about 10 min.
Instructor: Viveca Jensen
Team: 7 other women—all with pink on!

Note: Viveca and team wear 1-lb. hand gloves, but they aren’t necessary. I wore them and they definitely make things tougher!

Standing Routine:

  • Viveca alternates between Power moves (boxing moves) and Pilates moves (mostly standing, ballet-like footwork).
  • All of the moves work both your arms and legs together—feel the burn!
  • Started out kind of like a Billy Blanks’ DVD but it included more legwork and less punching.
  • The Pilates work is tough—you do a lot of pulsing and balancing on one leg with simple, small arm movements (bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder raises).
  • I started to drip heavily when we went from the Power moves to the Pilates moves—the isolated pulsing was killer!
  • Power segments included combos of punches (front and side-to-side), hooks, upper cuts, and speedbags—all with some sort of added leg work.
  • End the standing portion with some standing ab work and balance work—whoa!—my arms and legs burned and I was dripping. Just dripping. Even with a fan on me.

Floor Routine:

  • Get on all fours to begin with and do small pushups with kickbacks, then back leg raises, then side knee lifts. Good gosh. She goes fast and it’s tough.
  • Lying on your back, you do modified hundreds, Russian twists, single-leg stretches, double crunches (shoulders and butt off ground), and bicycles.
  • End with stretching—feels great.


End Note: I am now trying to become certified in this! Big fan, here.

Instructor: Viveca’s from Sweden so she doesn’t speak 100% correctly, but she’s cute. You can tell she loves what she does and knows her Pilates. She talks a lot and doesn’t always
count things out right, but she’s pretty good at cueing and it really cute and excited. I’d take a class of hers—she’s all about girl power.
Moves: Punches, upper cuts, hooks, squats, skiers, standing ab work, etc.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced—you can modify as you find necessary.
Buy It?: I’m not sure you can buy Viveca’s Piloxing DVDs, but if you can and you like boxing, you should buy this DVD. If you can’t buy it, but there are classes near you, go to one. Take a class. If you like the idea of boxing, but are a Pilates person, try a class. If you’re a cardio queen (or king) who also lifts weights a few days a week and are a bit bored, try this class. It is fun, different, a little dance-y, a little Pilates-y, and a little boxing-y all in one workout. Whoa baby, did I sweat!

  1. Sheila says:

    Seriously, this looks awesome. You have seriously piqued* my interest. 😉

  2. I may or may not ask to borrow this 🙂

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