Motivation Monday – What I Learned That I Didn’t Know… But We All Should.

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Articles

You ready for a ton of power knowledge? Hopefully this will give you the motivation you need for a successful, healthy week!

Marlan Esparza - Women's 2012 Olympic Boxing Team. I love a tough woman!

*Women who are exposed to frequent cigarette exhaust are 70% more likely to have abnormal Pap smear results than those who breathe clean air, according to the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. “Secondhand smoke is packed with harmful chemicals that can interfere with your body’s ability to repair damage to cervical cells.”

*Ever had this happen to you? You go out, have a few drinks, make sure to drink some water and eat some food when you get home, hit the hay late, but you still wake up early while your male counterpart sleeps deeply for another few hours. It’s happened to me too often and I always wondered: Is my body just screwy because I’m used to waking up early or does the alcohol mess with my sleeping schedule? I always thought it was a mix of both and it looks like I’m not crazy. Boozers are sleep losers. A recent study from the journal Alcoholism:
Clinical and Experimental Research
showed that intoxicated women slept significantly less than their male counterparts; they also woke up more frequently during the night. “Falling blood-alcohol levels can interrupt sleep, and levels drop more rapidly in women than in men.” See, guys, we really can’t sleep in as well as you!

*Live smart, live long. More than 35% of all cancer cases could be prevented with lifestyle changes. A cancer-protective diet is plant-based, so always fill two-thirds of your plate with fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Strive for 30 minutes of exercise a day, too!

*Sweet news! Food scientists at the University of Missouri are creating a healthier version of ice cream that contains dietary fiber (about six grams per serving), probiotics (healthy
bacteria that may boost immunity), and disease-fighting antioxidants. Look for it commercially within three to five years!

*Craving killers. When shown graphic images of arterial disease and obesity, study subjects were more likely to choose fruit as a snack than high-calorie grub like chips and cookies, reports Health Psychology. Makes sense—gross images equal negative associations leading to reduced cravings. Logical, I’d say. So start Googling when cravings hit!

*Start substituting pureed veggies in your favorite high-calorie foods to cut back on calories while keeping the taste. For example, add ½ cup pureed roasted peppers instead of ½ cup of mayo in your pasta salad to save 435 calories; add ½ cup cooked, strained, and pureed spinach instead of ¼ cup sour cream in your veggie dip to save 79 calories; swap out all of the oil in your veggie mix with ½ cup pureed beets and 1 can of pureed black beans and save 469 calories; or swap out 1 cup cream in your chowder with 2 cups of pureed sweet corn to save 556 calories! Hello, blender!

*What’s the best butter substitute? Choose one with less than 80 calories and fewer than three grams of saturated fat per Tbsp. Check out these three: Brummel & Brown Spread Made with Yogurt, Smart Balance Heart Right Light Buttery Spread, and Olivio Light.

*What’s better for toning—yoga or Pilates? Both are great, but Pilates wins out when it comes to overall toning. Pilates incorporates dynamic pulling and pumping moves, which boost resistance and result in more serious sculpting, especially since all of the Pilates moves originate from the core.

*Better-body bonuses: Regular sweat sessions also help improve or prevent about two dozen health conditions, according to The International Journal of Clinical Practice. Examples:
Brain: Staying active cuts your risk of cognitive decline by about a third. Exercisers also experience fewer symptoms of depression.
Heart: Regular workouts can lower your systolic blood pressure (the top number) as much as some medications do—an average of 5-10mmHg.
Pancreas: Shedding just 5-7% of your body weight can delay and possibly prevent type 2 diabetes.
Whole Body: Walking or cycling for an hour a day reduces your overall cancer risk by 16%.
Intestines: 20-60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity 3-5 days/week beats most other treatments for irritable bowel syndrome.
Bones: Research shows that just 10 minutes of high-impact exercise (like plyos) 3 times/week can boost women’s bone strength.

*Up your intensity! HIIT workouts are THE ultimate way to burn fat and sculpt muscle. Think CrossFit and P90X look too intense for you? Give it a try anyways and do as much as you can. Work up to finishing a workout, but try to make 20% of your workouts high-intensity. Want to give it a try but not sure you’re ready to go the distance of buying DVDs and logging on for the Workout Of the Day, every day? Try this 20-minute CrossFit workout. Do as many rounds as you can with only 5-10 seconds rest between each exercise: 5 pushups, 10 squats, 5 burpees, and 10 sit-ups.

Everyday Heroes, Everyday Runners:
Martin Parnell, 55, ran 250 marathons in 2010 and raised about $300,000 for the children’s charity Right to Play. He also visited about 60 schools and talked to the kids, whose energy kept him going.

Ultramarathoner Don Halke, 51, had a massive heart attack in October 2009 after running a 50-miler. One year later, he celebrated by running the same race, only faster. He claims running has been the best cure.

BA Fit Chick:
Marlen Esparza, female boxer (I LOVE BOXING!) And guess what–Women’s Boxing has officially been added to the 2012 Olympic Games!

Cathe Friedrich. I’ve mentioned her, reviewed her DVDs, and I still continue to read her website every week. She inspires people to become success stories, like this woman, not to become a size 2 with perfect abs or with the promise of fitting into your skinny jeans in x number of weeks (though you can and will when you workout with her!), but because she focuses on being strong and healthy.

  1. owenbenj says:

    I’ll admit even as a male, I still get up earlier than I want to when I’ve been drinking.

    Keep up the good work, Kels!

    • Yeah, you too? It’s one of the reasons I don’t drink a lot on the weekends – I lose the sleep that I should be catching up on! Thanks, Ben 🙂 Your readerships is invaluable!

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