No Equipment, No Problem Workouts! My Guest Post for Dietriffic

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Articles

Sadly, this does not count as equipment-free, at-home exercise!

I love reading fitness websites, blogs, books, articles, anything and everything. The more personalized though, the better. I always pick up the best tips and tricks from those who write from a mix of professional and personal experience. When I stumbled upon Melanie’s blog/website Dietriffic, I was hooked. Tons of great ideas from a woman who reports the facts from a professional standpoint (she’s a registered dietitian!), but also shares her personal take on things. Can’t beat that! So I’ve been trying to freelance write more and what better way to get myself out there then by talking about what I know and love with other bloggers? Melanie graciously allowed me to write an article about at-home, no-equipment workouts that anyone can do and modify according to his or her fitness level. Here it is: 6 Amazing No Equipment Workout Ideas.


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