What I’ve Been Reading and What You Should Read, Too.

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Articles

No matter how busy you are, you should always make time for a little fitness!


I’m going to be up-front and apologize ahead of time for my lack of DVD reviews. It probably won’t pick up again for another week or two. Not only am I officially in training, like I mentioned earlier in the week, but I am subbing for an instructor coming up here and have a lot more planning to do between her classes and mine. But! It doesn’t mean my mind is off this blog! In fact, I’ve been reading a ton of articles lately and want to share the ones that seem most relevant to what I’ve been hearing and experiencing myself.


Stretching. “Should I stretch before I work out? After? Both?” It’s the question that old and new fitness warriors have been asking for a while and my favorite blogger wrote a post about it.  (The short answer is that you should only stretch after a workout. Read the article to find out why!)

I’ve been eyeing those balance-y, fitness-y, rubber bracelets for a while now. Will they really give me energy? Improve my balance and stamina? How can rubber really do that, though…? There was a deal on a holographic one yesterday and I almost bought it, but then my fellow fitness fanatic coworker sent me this article. (Thanks, Jon! You saved me $14 + s&h :))

Finding balance whilst juggling 800 million priorities. This top of priority-juggling has become a major reoccurrence in my life recently.  How does a person juggle work, family, friendly and romantic relationships, personal passions and hobbies, and still find time to for him or herself? My short, simple answer: To each his own. Some people can do it, some can’t. Some can do it all well, and some can do it all poorly. I’ve been finding it difficult to juggle it all lately (my day job, teaching classes at one gym, subbing at another, going to a third, training for a 10K, hanging out with my family, going out with my friends, keeping up a blog, attempting to write another novel, and still having time to read and write for me)… but the problem is—I’m still happy. I don’t want to drop any of those things. The key? Prioritizing. I have my way of doing it, and this woman has hers. (By the way, isn’t she ripped!? Whoa baby!)

Sugar substitutes—how swapping out sugar for these guys won’t make you skinny. In fact… they may do the opposite.  

You’re running/training for a race. Your core needs to be strong. Which moves should you do? Voila!


What fitness and health news have you been reading lately?


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