2-in-1 DVD: Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped – Core Express and Live in LA (2007)

Posted: June 22, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I got all excited when a big box was waiting for me one day and even more excited when I realized it was full of Billy Blanks exciting-ness!

This is part of the Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped DVD Set and I’m going to review each workout individually. Like the last BB title, I’m going to break the DVD down in bullet points since it’s just a continuous kickboxing class.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped – Core Express and Live in LA (2007)

Where I Got This DVD: Amazon in a package deal-y-thing-y
Length: Approx. 74 mins.
Workouts: Core Express and Live in LA
Instructor: Billy Blanks
Team: Shellie and the rest of the regulars


Billy Blanks Taebo Amped – Core Express

  • Approx. 31 mins.
  • Amplifiers – some use them, some don’t
  • Warm-up: about 5 mins. – not a very good warm-up – it’s random and very as-you-go – too many shoulder rolls
  • Pushups? hm… this is new for Billy…
  • Billy gets really sweaty really fast. Just sayin’…
  • The music is bland – classic BB repeats his phrases – it’s all very bland and repetitive
  • I had no idea how many sets of things I was going to do, which I like to know
  • BB demos what you’re about to do a lot… and for way too long… show off?
  • Some interesting combos of punches, uppers, kicks, and lots of trunk twists
  • Cool down starts at 25 mins. – BOO!


BB Taebo Amped – Live in LA

  • Approx. 43 mins.
  • Lots of “amped sets” – as in, 8 or so at a time – all very amp-y
  • Lots of ab-focused moves
  • Lots of BB word repeats
  • They use the amplifier a lot here (can use 1-3lb. weights, too!)
  • The amplifier is held up most of the time, which gives you a great burn in the shoulders
  • There weren’t ANY kicks in the first 20min. – disappointing
  • Lots of arm work in general, often while in squat position
  • Lunge sequence at about 30min. in – it’s actually kick of painful because you start to twist while bent over, which I’m not sure is safe… but it did burn and tested my balance
  • Ends with some straight arm exercises
  • Overall: meh. There was no kicking! I’m not OK with that because I genuinely credit keeping my good soccer legs to Billy’s squatting and kicking that I did a lot of in his old VHSs


Instructor: Billy is especially annoying in this DVD. I’m not sure why he’s any different than his other ones… I feel like he’s just getting older (which he is) and there’s nothing new or motivating he says. Sorry Billy.
Moves: Classic with a few new combos, but not as good as the old stuff – where’s the kicking!?
Best Workout: Neither 😦
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced
Buy It?: Don’t bother. How’s that for blunt? I’m a big Billy fan, I am, but this DVD—these two workouts—are just not worth it. There’s too much down time, no really good combos, and I felt like I could’ve done it all on my own without having to be motivated, ya know? Fingers crossed for better reviews on the other DVDs in the package.


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