Cathe Cardio Core Circuit (2009)

Posted: June 15, 2011 in DVD Reviews

In preparation for The River Bank Run, which I didn’t end up running, I had been wanting to work on my core, endurance, and balance with some high-intensity plyos and calisthenics. I love Cathe, saw this DVD on her website, had a coupon, and BAM! I win. Great DVD.

Cathe Cardio Core Circuit (2009)   

Cathe strikes again! Gosh, her workouts are BA.

Where I Got This DVD: Bought it from Cathe’s website
Length: Approx. 51 mins.
Workouts: 5 fitness rounds
Instructor: Cathe Friedrich
Team: Ceedee, Brenda, Daisy, and Loraine

Note: No equipment is needed. Each round consists of three 30-sec. cardio blasts (each consists of 4 sets of 8 counts). Each round goes through these cardio blasts twice, ending with an ab exercise.


    • I love Cathe’s warm-ups! They really, truly, fully warm me up
    • Includes: side steps, knees, lunges, squats, arms, jumping jacks, punches
    • It’s fast-paced but gets you ready

Round #1:

    • Cardio blasts: jumps; side jumps; and mountain climbers
    • Ab exercise: in and outs with arms
    • Goober – I feel it

Round #2:

    • Cardio blasts: 2 frog jumps and 4 jumping jacks and a turn; sumo squats; and lateral slides with leg raise
    • Ab exercise: triangle choke holds – it’s this crazy roll-up MFA thing

Round #3:

    • Cardio blasts: 4 air jacks and 4 pumps; shuffle, knee-kick-knee, shuffle; and 3 squat jumps same side and then switch
    • Ab exercise: sit up all the way with legs in butterfly position
    • Great stuff!

Round #4:

    • Cardio blasts: 3 lateral jumps with a tuck and run around the mat; 180-degree squat jumps; and roll onto back on mat, roll up and jump
    • Ab exercise: pushup with knee to opposite elbow
    •  Holy cow this was hard

Round #5:

    • Cardio blasts: standing T jumps; single-leg hops around the mat with a high-knee jog in place; and high straight-leg kicks
    • Ab exercise: roll onto back on mat and come into pushup position and pushup – whoa-ness

Cool Down:
A mix of regular and yoga-inspired stretches
Instructor: Cathe is great—she keeps you going, keeps your energy up without being annoying, gives you some water breaks, never talks too much, and is a good instructor through it all.
Moves: Not at plyometric-y as I expected, but good high-intensity, leg-strengthening moves.
Best Workout: I liked Round #4 the best.
Worst: Psh – none!
Intensity Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?: I love it. I like that you can do as many or as few rounds as you want and you still sweat. It’s high-intensity so a great cardio supplement to any lower-intensity cardio or weight-lifting workout, and none of the rounds are too hard or too long that they become unbearable. I worked hard but the time went by fast and I felt my lower body working hard to stabilize my core, which was engaged and working the entire time. If you need a higher-intensity cardio DVD that won’t break your time bank, then this if for you. I loves.


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